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The Birth of Inspired Domesticity

I’m doing a blog.  Wait, what?

Posting my finds to Pinterest and announcing our homemade dinners on Facebook is no longer enough for me. I’ve had a few blogs that I’ve followed over the past few months and am constantly amazed at the DIY genius out in blog land.  I want to do that!

I wanted a blog about my new love for cooking with my husband, crafting, and home decor obsession, all inspired by my recent blog stalking and Pinterest addiction. So, here goes.  First step was creating a name.  Everything I came up with seemed to sound stupid, or was already taken on Blogspot. My initial ideas:

Lakeland Lindsay <—–too self-centered and sounds ridiculous

Little House on the Hill    <—-taken, and we live in a condo not a log cabin

Thompson Undecided <—-a hint at how indecisive I am

The Enlightened Domestic and The Inspired Domestic  <—-it was brought to my attention that might be slightly derogatory, what with “The Help”   being a popular movie this year

Enlightened Domestication  <—-I have not had any spiritual lightbulbs go off, so NO

Inspired Domesticity: exactly the bee that has been in my bonnet since the discovery of Pinterest and the realization that I too can have great meals, style, and home decor by doing it myself.  

There, that sounds fancy, AND it’s not taken.  Win!  We’ll see where this adventure takes me.  Because I work away from home full time I won’t be able to post every day but I hope to post pictures of projects we’ve done around the house, meals C* and I have cooked together, elaborations on my Pins, and anything else that compels me to blog.

A special thanks to my husband for graciously living with all of my questions, idiosyncrasies, indecisiveness, and obsessions.  And to my mother in law and Mama G for helping me through the naming of this blog.


How excited am I?
This is how excited I am!
 *C is my husband until I can come up with a catchy blog name for him

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