Needs and WANTS for 2012…and beyond

I often hear C asking me, “Now, is this a need or a WANT?”  Most of them are wants that I explain to him as being desperate NEEDS.   However, I have things I’ve wanted to complete with our condo since we moved in two and a half years ago.

So far we’ve painted the kitchen, replaced the kitchen outlet/switch covers from white to black (over the granite only), painted the powder room, painted the master bathroom and upgraded lighting over the bathtub,  painted the bedroom, and bought basic furniture to outfit some of the rooms.

But I have a huge wish list of NEEDS that I hope to work on over the next year and beyond.   Here goes (and maybe at the end of the year we’ll revisit this list to see what we accomplished):

#1. Finding a place for our wedding photos

It has been over 3 years and we still haven’t put up our wedding prints.  I’d love to do gallery frames on one of our walls.  I’m thinking something like this in our entry niche.


 From my pinterest (and simplyseductive.blogspot.com)

#2. Office loft

We need more than a card table with a tablecloth over it.  C always uses the living room table to work and I always use the kitchen to do all my internet surfing, and our books haven’t been out of boxes since we moved to the condo.  It would be wonderful to have either a wall of bookshelves or a desk area for both of our laptops with plenty of storage space for filing, printing,  office supplies, and our books. With our budget, custom built-ins are a no-go, so I’ll be using Pinterest to help me design something attainable.  I love these IKEA Billy bookcase built-ins 


Inspired by both MiniManor and Centsational Girl

#3 Master Bathroom design completion

Different vanity lighting, separate mirrors, a giant bath mat, shelving underneath the corner niche to hold things I don’t want on the countertop, and installing a vanity space where I can sit and do my makeup.

#4 Master Bedroom design completion

Including a large silver leaning mirror, nightstand lighting, mounting the TV on the wall, and additional prints to complement my favorite Silverwood I by Kate Birch.  Our grommet curtains will be installed in the next week or two (Thanks to my mother in law for the excellent Christmas gift!)

Room Inspiration from art and vintage jewelry box

From my Polyvore set -Inspiration from art and vintage jewelry box

#5. Closet organization

Including all wood hangers, dual shelves, and place for jewelry and miscelanious items.


From Welcome to Heartmont and my friend Mom to Bee

#6. Picking a color to paint our main and connected living spaces.

So far we have been painting the rooms off our main living space- which I know is considered opposite of what you should do.

#7.  Fancy wedding gift storage

Otherwise known as dining and serveware storage.  Finding a sideboard or buffet for all of our fancy dining and serveware. And ledges to go above it to display vases, pictures, serveware, etc


#8. Kitchen nook seating area

Turning this….

….into this!


#9.  Finally, and even though its last, it may be one of the first things I do…Reigning in my photography skills

I actually use a really high end Nikon SLR camera at work for taking oral-facial images.  Last year we went to a class teaching us how to use all the features of the camera to take high quality photos that we can use in patient case presentations.  At home I have a basic point-and-shoot Canon, which I’m sure I could manipulate to take excellent pictures but I just have to figure out how. And because I take an overall liking to fantastic photos, it might help to invest in a good SLR camera.  I’ll definitely be visiting Centsational Girl’s post on the Ten Basics for Better Home Photography to freshen up my skills.


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