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SN-OMG 2012

…Around the Greater Seattle area snow generally means nobody goes anywhere if they don’t have to, the news makes an two inches sound like a state of emergency, and there’s almost always footage of a metro bus sliding sideways down a hill.

With the impending 10″ of snow that we’re supposed to get tonight, it’s not likely I’ll be heading back to work in the next day or two.   I guess that means I’ll have to snuggle in, start AND finish Suzanne Collins Mockingjay, blog a bit,  and make some delicious comfort food.

C and I attempted to drive to the store this morning, only to get stuck.  Embarrassing, because there’s literally only like 2 inches of snow on the ground. (How is it that everyone else seems to be able to drive in the snow- but we can’t? #WeneedaSubaru) We backed the car back into the garage and started out on foot.   Last night I made a roasted chicken recipe that my aunt gave to me (using Tuscan seasoning and mayo to spread under the skin) and Sunday we made homemade pasta. With the leftovers, I think I’ll try a homemade chicken noodle soup tomorrow night.  Topped off with grilled cheese sandwiches.  YUMMY!

On the way home from the store, re-usable grocery bags and all.


I’ll keep you posted how the chicken noodle soup turns out.  Nothing we make around here is actually gourmet, I just make it sound like it.  😉

One thought on “SN-OMG 2012

  1. looks lik c should have invested in the winter package on the pimped out focus. 😉 also, j wants to know how your pasta turned out.

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