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Entry Mail Center

The sight of this creates quite a bit of anxiety for me…

Because our nonexistent office is upstairs we usually end up dumping the mail on the kitchen counter or the dining room table, which has led to missing bills on multiple occasions.  We desperately needed some organization in regards to incoming mail. I remember my aunt saying that they keep their shredder in the garage near the door, sorting and shredding before they even enter the house.  What a great idea!  For us I think it would work better inside.  My idea was to create a mail station at the base of the stairs, which is just off our garage.

Entry before

(On a side note, the frames above the console table are family trees from both my family and C’s.  I was his wedding day gift to me.)
 We weren’t really using our entry console for anything so here’s what I came up with:

A place for the shredder to get rid of that annoying Chase credit card offer that comes every other day and a recycle bin for the paper waste. On top of the console I purchased a sorter to place bills, the checkbook, pens, stamps, post-it notes, and other miscellaneous items that I dread climbing the stairs for.  And finally two magazine files in natural wood to place my mail and C’s mail separately.  I originally wanted to get a two-tier in/out box type holder but I couldn’t find anything that would fit the narrowness of the existing console.   I may end up painting the magazine files and put a square of chalkboard spray paint so we can write each of our names on it.

  Entry After

I was looking to do this on the cheap, so if I had my way I would’ve picked a different color sorter and wastebin.  I stood in the same section of IKEA for what seemed like 45 minutes just trying to pick out the ones I did.  I decided that, for now, they were so severely inexpensive that I can easily change them later.  Although, with the idea I have for putting our wedding photos there with black frames and white mats—the white sorter and wastebin might just work.

-Existing entry table   $0

-Existing shredder   $0

-Existing notecard holder   $0

-IKEA Kassett wastebin for recyclable mail    $3.99

-IKEA Kassett storage rack    $4.99

-IKEA Knuff magazine file set of 2    $9.99  (will probably paint)

Total for mini project: about  $19

I’m hoping that this will help keep us organized for a while, until we can figure out something that might work better for us.


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