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Velvet Grommet Panel Heaven

Friday I gave you a small preview of our new west elm curtain rods-in the box. I was beyond excited to see them arrive.   A double rod with one oversized and one thin rod with large cylindrical finials, perfect for grommet curtains and underlaying of sheers. Gorgeous, luxe, and modern.   Because we received the velvet panels as a gift and I got the LILL sheers at IKEA for $4.99, we decided to splurge and buy the higher end curtain rods that I really wanted.

One big nightmare later (a summary)

-Order curtain rod at Seattle store

-Courier schedules for delivery and no shows twice

-west elm blames delivery company, delivery company blames west elm, and nobody knows where the hell rod is at

-C blurts out swear words demands an answer from each customer service rep and then writes an email to the president of west elm

-Rod is overnighted, our purchase is fully refunded + 20% that had already been refunded, $100 gift card is being mailed, and compensation may be coming from delivery company.


So after all that, yesterday we got them put up in our master bedroom.  Here’s what the window looked like before… I hate these mini blinds.

Notice the bent slats on the bottom left and right from the kittens jumping into the window every day

The directions were not the easiest to follow so we ended up tossing them aside and going by logic.  They were all like, “place bracket D and J into rod plate R and X, while holding each rod at a perpendicular angle.” Say what?  And C made me do most of the measurements, which sometimes was just eye balling it.    But we got it….

Double rod accommodates grommet panel and sheer underneath. Both panels move across the rods smoothly

Slight problem- panels aren’t wide enough and don’t close completely.  Easily solved- buy 2 more panels with the money we saved!
Open curtains with IKEA sheers, cut to desired length

Ideally I would’ve hung the rod a little lower so the panels fully touch the floor. Maybe if I get ambitious I’ll move the rods down by 2-3 inches (notice “I” is used- because C said he was done after the first time).  Also, we are going to purchase two more panels to fill out the curtains more and be able to have them close across the full width of the window.

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Velvet Grommet Panel Heaven

  1. Looks great! We have the same problem with the bent blinds… I think we might try the wood blinds from Ikea. I want to do the double curtain thing with our big window in the front room because the sheer curtain we have isn’t enough.

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