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Riding Boot Bonanza

For Valentine’s Day my sweetheart of a husband bought me a pair of brown riding boots off my Amazon Wishlist.  Unforunately because I had not tried them on before we had to take them back.  Tragedy I know! But the great news is we returned one pair of boots and walked out of the store with two pairs of boots and a pair of shoes for C. Crisis averted!

I suddenly ADORE riding boots.  For a reason unknown to me, I somehow am always on the trailing end of a trend.  Last year riding boots seemed to be the hot item, and now that I caught on to them, maybe they aren’t so hot.  That’s why I love Polyvore and Pinterest so much because it’ll allow me to stay on top of the trends and give me style hope.  I even renamed my Pinboard where I keep most of my Polyvore pins, “Encouraging my Fashion Sense”.

Here’s something I put together centered around my new Bandolino Cadrian black riding boots.  I got them at DSW on Clearance, with a coupon, for $49.75.

Riding Boots and Peaches

And here’s what I put together with my Kelly & Katie Jadine brown leather riding boots.

Brass Tax and Mustard Cozy

And for good measure, we got these for C.  They are Nike Air Max Go Strong.   I like the back of them, but the front looks a little bit retro.  They look good on him though!

I am now on the hunt for the perfect skinny jean in both dark wash and black.  Black leggings could work too. My bestie recommended Targets Mossimo skinny jeans.  They have 6 or 7 different fits and some in different lengths too.  Beware though: they do run TINY.  I had to go up one or two sizes.

Happy Fashion Dreaming!


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