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Hotel Luxury and Bathroom Organization

Help! Our health and beauty supplies have taken over.  And what’s with the hat??  Go, Mariners??

 For those of you who really know me, the sight of this (like the mail pile up), gives me physicial signs of anxiety.  Something had to be done about this.

On our recent West Elm shopping spree, C and I purchased some home accessories to outfit our house with.  One of them was a simple navy blue lacquer tray for the master bathroom.

Lacquer bath tray, but in navy blue

So much better…

So fresh and so clean

We have some things that we use every day and like to keep out but I wanted a neat way to have them corralled and displayed.   The perfume and cologne we use far less often but the bottles add a little something to the tray.  C has had the Kenneth Cole Black fragrance FOREVER, and we’re trying to find a new scent for him.  Maybe a scent with a nice clear bottle, like my Chanel.  My makeup brushes are kept in a small glass vase and the cream ceramic box has cotton rounds and q tips.   I put a little tealight on the tray too.  I couldn’t fit our dental hygiene products on the tray, so I’ll be on the lookout for something to combine those together (fluoride mouthwash, floss, rubber tips, flosser for C, Sonicare stuff, etc).

I was so excited when C came home and immediate proclaimed that it looked like a hotel bathroom.  That’s exactly what I was going for!!! I had a smile from ear to ear and practically mowed him over with my hug.  

Eventually, I want to put in a custom shelf to the left of the sinks in the little alcove, which I think is meant for the trash can.  I’d love to move the outlet from the plate glass mirror to underneath the counter. That way we can store our wireless radio,  Sonicare, Waterpik, and C’s beard trimmer where they can still be plugged in and charged, but off the counter top.  We’re not exactly carpenters and electricians though, so a little more research and Pinteresting will have to be done first.

Please excuse the crude drawing. C has not yet shared his Adobe Creative Suite with me, so Microsoft Paint will have to do. 😉

What other bathroom organization tips do you have?  (and pps….any colognes you love for your beau?)



One thought on “Hotel Luxury and Bathroom Organization

  1. I love what you did with the tray very chic and does give it the “Hotel” look, I think I will be trying this out at my house, and as far as the cologne, Try the Armani “Attitude” smells amazing…

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