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Satisfying My Sweet Tooth…One Wonton at a Time

Anyone get a killer sweet tooth? Come on, I’m sure you do!  It comes at any time during the day, but most often at night, after dinner, at lunch, after lunch but before dinner, at the grocery store, the fair, The Cheesecake Factory, a girls night out.   Oh, jeez…sorry I got carried away.

If you are indeed anything like me, you have a fully loaded sweet tooth every multiple times per day week.  Soon, I’m afraid I’ll be too large to fit out the door in the morning (too bad, so sad…then I guess I’d have to blog all day, rather than go to work).  It can’t be stopped, or helped. I MUST HAVE SWWEEETS!

Phew….ok. Now that it’s out in the open, let me tell you about my latest sweet mallow concoction.

Besides just regular ol’ sweets, I also have this thing for marshmallows. Especially ones wrapped up in sweet goodness.  In January, in the early days of my Pinterest addiction, I found this little gem of a recipe for Resurrection Rolls, also known as oh-my-f*ing-god-I-think-I’ve-died-and-gone-to-heaven marshmallow crescent rolls.

Tonight I made a different kind of marshmallow sweetness, but this time using leftover Wonton wrappers I had from dinner last weekend.  I googled wonton desserts and it came up with all kinds of  different ideas.  I settled on this one and made a little combination of my own.

Our Best Bites Blog- Dessert Wontons

Here’s what you do:

1-2 wonton wrappers per pouch


Mallow-choco: 1/2-1 marshmallow, 2 chocolate chips

Cream cheese-jam: Mix heaping scoop of cream cheese microwaved just enough to easy to stir,  2 spoonfuls of powdered sugar, and splash of almond extract.  Combine with Smuckers sugar-free Raspberry Preserves.


1. Depending on the shape you’d like, take 1-2 wonton wrappers and fill with desired filling.  In my case it was 1 On some I used 1 wonton wrapper and folded up all the points to make a little star.  On others I used 2 wonton wrappers to make a flatter ravioli type pouch.

2. Heat oil on medium heat and then turn down to medium-low. Place filled wontons in oil to cook, about 10 seconds per side, or until just golden and bubbly.

3. Remove from heat, drain on paper towel, then immediately coat with cinnamon and sugar.

4. Enjoy thoroughly, including bending at the knees, saying “Oh-muh-gawd” with your mouth full of crispy toasty marshmallow heaven.

The one BIG disadvantage with this recipe is that you cook them in oil, which I absolutely hate doing in our house.  I always have to air out the kitchen and it gets all over my cooktop.  But then again, for a moment or two, it’s totally worth the hassle.  Maybe you could bake them?

What are your sweet tooth indulgences, and when do you get the craving most?


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