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Rise and shine…it’s time to clean!

Rise and shine! God only knows why I awoke at 6:30 this morning. I’ve done so much stuff already that I can’t even remember where I started.  What began as a hunt to find the dustpan turned into reorganizing the linen closet along with everything else on the following list. I think it’s official that I have some form of OCD.  I start in one room, and then travel to another to get something I need, and end up staying in the second room because I see that something has to be done.  This compounds when I go to a third room to get something for the second room and see another vital item that must be done.

It’s only 10:45 am and already I’ve:

-Done 4 loads of laundry with towels and sheets

-Cleaned all the toilets

-Changed the litter box and washed it down

-Washed every surface of the spare bathroom, including scrubbing the floor because the litter box makes it rather dusty

-Placed freshly laundered towels in all the bathrooms

-Stripped all the beds and placed fresh sheets

-Filed about 6 months’ worth of paperwork and cleared out paperwork from 2006 and earlier.

-Started packing for our trip to Denver this weekend

-Re-organized the linen closet and re-folded all the towels, dishtowels, tablecloths, napkins, sheets, and blankets.

*Note that the dishtowels are sorted in descending order of seasons (did I get that right?) So you’d find towels for the next season/holiday on    top.

Phew! That’s a bunch of stuff. 

It helps that it is bright and shiny today, although I see the clouds rolling in.  Oh wait, no, it’s pretty much cloudy and raining now that this post is done.  Good thing I got started early.  Tomorrow, we’re off to Denver with my mother in-law for my niece’s baptism. As always, looks like we’re bringing the Northwest weather with us. Sorry K!

And because I didn’t want to do a separate post…

What I think our linen closet looks like:

Martha Stewart Organizing

What our linen closet actually looks like after I organized it today.

Our little linen closet

By the way, just so you all know…I hate folding fitted sheets.  After I pinch the four corners together I end up just rolling the sheet into a ball and shoving it in the closet.  I need to find an easy way of doing it.

Martha Stewart maybe? Yes indeed- Fold a Fitted Sheet tutorial.

Video: how-fold-fitted-sheet     Martha is a bit pretentiousness but damn she has good tips.  Watch the video and see how irritated the sheet guru is at the audience member who can’t figure out how to fold this fitted sheet.


3 thoughts on “Rise and shine…it’s time to clean!

  1. Um.. “LITTLE” linen closet??? That’s like 4 times as big as ours!! I have 1/2 of a shelf to hold all of our towels and the rest are in a big in the basement. Sigh. We had a blast with you guys, even though you brought the clouds! 🙂

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