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Help Us Revive our IKEA Patio Set

The Northwest has finally been showing some signs of Spring. Although the days are mostly cloudy, we’ve been seeing some warmer temps and breaks of sunshine.  Hallelujah people!

As Friday is my day off I took some time to work on some outdoor projects that I’ve been meaning to get started:

-Planting Dahlia and Mexican Spring Lily bulbs

-Painting my planter pots for in front of my kitchen windows

-Refinishing our one year old IKEA patio set

I’ll post more on the planter pots and bulb planting later, but I needed some help on our patio set refinishing project.

We’ve I’ve always wanted really high-end patio furniture but definitely can’t afford it.  Last year I compromised with C and we purchased a patio set from IKEA.   It was only $149 (IKEA lowered their price to $99 this year). We figured that even if it only lasted us one season that it was really inexpensive compared with most patio sets.  It fit perfectly on our patio gave us a place to work on our computers in the sunshine and eat dinners during the summer.  This being said, we only really made use of it about four times last summer.

IKEA Tullero- Table, 2 seat bench and 2 chairs

This is what the set looks like now…

The NW winter took its toll
Finish stripped

I know I shouldn’t have been, but I was really surprised at the shape of this furniture over the winter. In less than a year’s time the finish is being stripped.  Last summer we bought some waterproofing clear sealer to paint on but it appeared to already be waterproofed.  We have no room in our garage to store our patio furniture, so there is no choice but to leave in out in the elements for the winter.   We must get more life out of this furniture.   What to do, what to do?

I love taking a stroll through Crate and Barrel, mainly for drooling but it also gives me inspiration.  I did a double take when I saw this Valencia Patio Set.  The brochure and website say that it’s powdercoated in a bronze color but I could have sworn that I took this picture because I though it was a charcoal color.  What do you think?  Hard to tell by a picture. I love, love, loved the finish with these Sunbrella Valencia Stripe 20″ pillows.

So that became my plan.  Refinish the patio set in this color.  I know the C&B Valencia is a metal patio set, but I think that an Olympic stain will work with ours.

My question is…. do we do a semi-transparent stain in Ebony, Cinder, or Black Oak…

…Or a solid stain in Coffee, New Bark, or Licorice?

Ugh, I hate how colors never look the same digitally.

Check here for slightly better visualization: Olympic Stain Color and Finish

Semi-transparent or Solid?

What do you think- semi or solid?

Until I get the confidence to choose, or unless I get some brilliant thoughts from my blog fans, I’ll work on sanding everything down (which I’m already finding to be an all day project).


9 thoughts on “Help Us Revive our IKEA Patio Set

  1. Uh…I just lost the rest of my verbose reply. Check out Seattle Fabrics website for sunbrella fabrics. It’s on Aurora and at about 90 something cross street. I’d go.with you if you want. If this is your only comment from me let me know. I have an idea for your finish. Love you hon.

  2. Bug,

    I think the solid finish would mirror your dream set! Have fun, it should really look smashing when you are done.

    Auntie Lynne

  3. Happy to come across your blog! I have an IKEA wood patio set that has seen better days as well. It is now 6 years old. I live in Toronto, Canada and the winter here really made our furniture look awful by leaving the furniture out for just one winter. Every other winter we put it away but the damage was already done 😦

    My question is this… did you end up staining your patio set and if so, what did you settle on? I am thinking of doing the same thing but am not sure what paint to use either. Would love to see after shots if you follow through with your makeover project. My husband thinks we should get rid of it but I contend that the price of a can of paint and some elbow grease would be easier on our budget! I was leaning towards using a solid white high gloss marine quality paint in white but know that will require several coats. So a solid or semi transparent stain might be easier. Good luck on your project!

    1. Rachel-So happy you found my little blog world here! =)
      I did end up staining the set and hope to work on the “after” post tomorrow. We ended up going with an Olympic brand solid stain in “Granite”, which isn’t shown in my sample pictures. It’s like a grayish-brown color, close to the New Bark that is shown in the pictures. For extra measure I went over it with a Clear-UV coat of sealer, or varnish. I’m really glad we went with the solid vs the semi-transparent because it looks more rich and close to what I was going for with the Crate and Barrel set.

      I think a solid high gloss white could be really cool! It would take a few coats but with the right quality paint, it could work well. For reference, I bought a one gallon can of the Olympic stain and only used maybe 1/4-1/3 of it for the whole set, with one coat. The wood really took the color well.

      Check back for my follow-up post. I’ll try to get it up tomorrow. =) And good luck if you attempt your project.

  4. did u have to sand the wood or anything on the tullero? or just painting/staining it right on top works well? i just bought the set and wanted to paint/stain it a diff color.

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