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Could it be?? I have action in my pot??

In my frenzy of outdoor projects last weekend I planted two Dahlia tubers and 5 Mexican Daylily bulbs.  Keep in mind I don’t think I’ve ever planted something from a seed or bulb before with any success.  I bought the boxes of bulbs/tubers at Winco, a local discount grocery store.  They were so cheap and I already had a planter full of soil, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

I started by digging up the existing soil in the large orange-ish pot.  Then I added some fresh potting mix on top of that.

Then I had to figure out some math (which I am not very good at), so that I could plant the tubers and bulbs at the correct depth and width apart from each other.  I had a great picture of the box but then deleted it. =( The Dahlia tubers had to be 5 inches below the surface and the Mexican Daylily’s had to be 1 inch from the surface.  Each had their own requirements for bulbs per square feet.  WTH?  Total garden jargon that I don’t understand. If x=2 square feet and y=5 inches from the surface, then… *cue dumbfounded look*.   Ah, screw it!  I put the Dahlia tubers farther down then the daylily bulbs and in the middle of the pot and scattered the daylily bulbs in a circle around the Dahlia’s.

Giant Dahlia tuber. Uh, which end is up?
Mexican Daylily bulbs

Me working so hard planting.  You can just barely see my gray and pink leopard golashes.  Like em’? Yeah I thought you might.   The tan colored, long planters I’ve been working on spray painting with Rust-oleum Hammered metal paint.  (That’s another post entirely)

Now, it’s Day 8 and…

…I have a single something coming up through the soil in my pot!  I mean I think it’s part of the bulbs that I planted.  It could just be something random, but it looks like the start of something beautiful.

Day 8...a little leaf poking through. How cute.

I can’t wait to see how this progresses!

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