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IKEA Tullero patio set refinish complete!

Three days of sanding, staining,  drying, and varnishing all done!

I finished last weekend but it took us a few days to move the set from the garage to the patio. Here’s a chronicle of the project.   It really wasn’t that difficult but did take about three days doing it by myself.

UPDATE: to see how things held up after a year, click here

The first step was to sand off the old finish, or at least smooth it out.  The Northwest weather took its toll, after only a year.

Tullero set pre-sand

We used 60-80 grit sandpaper for the initial sand.  On the chairs we took the finish almost completely off, but by the time I got to the table I was worn out, so that was less sanded.  In the end, it turned out fine.  The 80 grit was maybe a bit too rough a sand, but did a great job of taking off the finish.

Chair pre-sand
Chair post-sand

My husband helped for a little bit with sanding.  He liked using the Ryobi Corner Cat sander better and I liked using my 3M Sandblaster hand sander.  I had to use sandpaper without a holder for in between the slats.  That was the most labor intensive part of the project.

3M Sandblaster, hand sander
Ryobi ONE Corner Cat power sander
Thanks Honey!!

We ended up using Olympic Maximum solid stain in “Granite” color.  It’s a taupish-gray color. I bought a gallon, not knowing how much I’d use, and only ended up using maybe 1/3 of it.  More for next year, if needed. (Although if you notice the can says 10 year protection-EVEN BETTER!)

Diet Coke always helps with a home improvement project!

This is what the chairs looked like side by side, one sanded and one stained. I ended up doing only one coat.  It provided enough coverage.  On one of the chairs I sanded the top sides with 220 grit sandpaper, thinking I was going to paint a second coat.  This smoothed the surface nicely.

Before and After

Last year I bought a gallon of clear sealer because we weren’t sure of the new set needed waterproofing. When water initially beaded up on it we decided to forgo sealing it.   But for good measure with this product, I decided to put a light coat of this on it.  Don’t let the color inside the can fool you.  It was a peachy color but dries clear.  It had a very potent smell so I suggest wearing a mask.  Even through mine, I could feel the fumes practically consuming me, therefore I only did the chairs and bench.  We’ll see how the table fares without it.

Clear Sealant

And drumroll please…………………………………

Fresh as a daisy!
Time for some decorative pillow making!

Olympic Maximum 1-gallon stain: $37 at Lowe’s

3M sandpaper in 80 and 220 grit: $8 at Lowe’s

Diablo refills for Ryobi power sander: $12 at Home Depot

Existing brushes, plastic drop clothes, and sanders: free!

Total: $57

That’s $42 cheaper than a whole new set. And skips all the backbreaking hammering, allen-wrenching, and screwdriving that would go into putting together a new IKEA set, which we all know can be such a pain in the ass.

I know we’re both excited for the warmer weather to start making it’s arrival so that we can enjoy more nights on the patio, like this one we had last summer.  A grilled salmon taco fiesta complete with Margaritas and homemade guac.

10 thoughts on “IKEA Tullero patio set refinish complete!

  1. Wow! The patio furniture turned out really great. Thanks for sharing the process. I am inspired now… if only I could get y husband to sand the furniture – hmmm!

  2. This looks great! My hubby and I just bought this set tonight and I’d love to know where you got those adorable cushions!

    1. Leslie, we got the cushions at Target last season. I was really wanting the Crate and Barrel Sunbrella ones in Cayenne but didn’t want to pay for them. These were much less expensive and fit the set perfectly. Sorry I can’t remember the price. For the bench we used two cushions across. They held up great over last summer and for the most part kept their color.

  3. Curious to know how this held up through the summer and winter. Is it still pristine for Summer 2013 or will you need to do any touch ups?

    1. ALWarren- thanks for mentioning this. I was hoping to do a follow up post. Now that Spring is here I just went out and looked at the set last week and it seems that it held up pretty well. There are only a couple of spots that look like they should be touched up with the stain. I might also re-touch the sealant as well. Check back on the blog for the follow up.

  4. I wanted to say THANK YOU for making this post! I recently bought this set from IKEA (which, I think the name has changed, but it looks the same) and wanted to stain it darker. This was the only website in all of the internet that I could find that did it successfully – which gave me the guts to sand and stain it! It’s gorgeous! Thanks again!

    1. Madeline, You are so very welcome! That’s the reason I blog. I’ve found so much inspiration from other blog posts and anything new we can put out will hopefully help DIY’ers like yourself.

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