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Gearing up for Sewing 101!

I think I’ve finally discovered that on most of the Pinterest projects I’ve attempted (you know, all three of them), there is a point before I begin where I think each one will be somehow life altering. That’ll I’ll be so “green” and it will completely change how I do things in my home. I’ll be so domestic and efficient. Turns out, this may not be the case. Maybe I just need more experience with this sort of stuff. I’ve made some of the household cleaners over at Maillardville Manor blog, and while they seem to work, the overpowering smell of vinegar in her household cleaner makes me cringe. The placemats and fabric napkins I tried to make didn’t go as planned… I ended up have way too small napkins and a crooked runner (although from far away it looks great).

This week, when I attempted to make these eye makeup remover pads, I just about threw my sewing machine out the window because of them. The material I used, or the way I put them together, kept jamming up my machine and the needle kept unthreading itself. It took me over an hour just to get the bobbin hook and feed dogs cleaned due to pieces of thread being jammed up in there. In the end, they are functional but not pretty.

My eye makeup remover pads with minky soft side and patterned side

All of these slight hiccups on my previous sewing projects, are why I am so grateful to be signed up for a sewing class. This I AM SURE will change my life completely. I’ll be able to sew so many great household things that I’ll practically never have to buy commercial again. *cough, maybe not, cough cough* I am excited to learn how to measure and cut fabric the correct way, and how to troubleshoot issues with my machine. Currently, the Singer manual stays with me at all times during a project and I’ve been know to google search and You-Tube frequently for help.

For my birthday, my sister in law got me a gift certificate to Stitches in downtown Seattle. The are located in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood on Pike Street, between Harvard and Boylston.

They have multiple classes per month from beginning to intermediate and quilting. I am going to start with the beginning bag class. It’ll be two 2.5 hour sessions. The awesome thing about these classes is that they are limited to four people per class, so I will get loads of attention. I went today to pick up all my supplies for the class.

The Bag Class offers beginning sewers a chance to get acquainted with basic fabric cutting and measuring skills, basic machine use, stitching, hemming and seam finishing among other techniques. In the class you’ll make a cool shopping bag with a pocket and handles from 1 yard of medium to heavy weight fabric. This is a beginning class for people with no prior sewing experience. -Stitches website

Even though I technically have prior sewing experience and have taught myself how to use my machine and do some basic sewing, my measuring and cutting skills are terrible. No, I mean really, really bad. The class should give me a little hope.

Canvas fabric for my bag and straps, and some sewing loot I picked up at Stitches!


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