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Homemade Eye Makeup Remover and Pads

A few weeks ago I got off work early and, as usual this spring, it was a wet and cold day in the Northwest.  All I wanted to do was come home, get into some snuggly clothes, and craft.  I’ve been wanting to make these eye makeup remover pads with homemade remover that I saw on Pinterest.

Several years ago my aunt introduced me to Almay eye makeup remover rounds that come in a tub.  I really like them because they are oil free and don’t leave a residue around my eyes. They are also very thin and not terribly soft.   It seems that I’m always going through them (even if I am bad about removing my eye makeup daily).  They are around $8 for 80-120 pads and I almost always used two at a time.

This homemade idea looked cool, so I thought I’d give it a whirl.  Maybe it’ll save me some money in the long run.

Homemade eye makeup remover pads by One Good Thing By Jillee

I started by making the eye makeup remover solution.  It was really simple to do and I used a leftover container I had from my Christmas time sugar scrub.  Any small jar would do.

Supplies: (used One Good Thing by Jillee recipe)

-1 cup Distilled water

-1 tablespoon Coconut Oil (it comes in a tub and will be semi-firm)

-1 1/2 tablespoons Johnson’s Baby shampoo (I used 1 tablespoon and it was plenty. Travel size works great)

-Few drops Lavender Essential Oil

First, microwave the water in the microwave for about 1 minute, then drop the coconut oil.  Add the baby shampoo and stir all together.  The coconut oil will dissolve and then you may add your essential oil.

Voila! Homemade eye makeup remover!

Now that I’ve had it for a few weeks I find that I have to swish the container around to mix it up again.  The coconut oil has started to build up on the side of the container slightly.  Giving it a stir or swirl does the trick.

I made about 12 reusable remover pads using printed quilting fabric, flannel, and minky fabric. I used the flannel to give the pad a little extra thickness- it sits between the quilting and minky fabrics.  Most were made with the soft minky fabric on the outside. I’m really glad I did it this way because they are much softer than just the flannel.  I hadn’t taken my sewing class at this point and although these pads are very simple to make, somehow I still had trouble.  My machine kept getting all jammed up and I threw my manual across the room.  (Don’t worry, I’ve got the sewing class scheduled for this weekend).

Measuring and cutting was a disaster (see previous comment about not having a sewing class yet) and I had to make sure that I placed the printed quilt fabric facing the minky fabric, with the flannel layer on the outside.  That way, after sewing, when they were turned right side out the soft side and the printed sides would be on the outside of the pad.  Following? It’s ok, neither am I.  =)

They certainly don’t look professional but they work that way. I thought the remover would be too foamy or oily but I’ve had no problem so far.  And when I’m done if I feel like there is any residue (this rarely happens), I just rinse my remover pad in the sink and take another couple swipes. The minky texture of the pad feels great and is gentle on my eyes.  Estheticians I’ve gone to have always taught to use any sort of cotton pad from the outside in, with one-direction swipes. And to not tug or pull on the eyelid tissue, as it’s very delicate.  I’ve only need one pad for both eyes and after I’m done I throw them into a mesh delicates bag that I got from Wal-Mart.  Just washed them today and they held up great.

Cost:   fabric- about $15

             coconut oil- $15

             Johnson’s baby shampoo- $.99

             Jar and Distilled water- free, already had.

Total: about $31

This remover should last me quite a while, because I only just get the remover pad slightly wet for each use.  I have enough coconut oil for at least 6-10 more batches, and the travel size of baby shampoo worked perfectly, with enough left over for more batches.

I’m beginning to love this green living and DIY home products!  Any other DIY beauty products you like to make?


3 thoughts on “Homemade Eye Makeup Remover and Pads

    1. How much water do you use with the vinegar? I really dislike the smell of vinegar but if it works I’ll totally try it. Right now I’m using a All-purpose cleaner that uses the same ingredients.

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