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DO’s and DON’Ts for this week!

First off I’d like to wish my 6 email followers and approximately 20 facebook followers a very happy

Independence Day!

As a point of reference….26 years ago, my husband touched down in London.  Almost 4 year old Christopher, wondered why nobody was celebrating the 4th of July!  =) Of course, being the genius he is now, he surely knows the difference.  Happy breaking-away-from-the-crown day to us!

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a blog post.  Hope I wasn’t missed too much.  I couldn’t think of anything to blog about since we haven’t done anything crafty recently.  As many of you know we have been preoccupied with purchasing a new car since my beloved bug was smashed in a collision a few weeks ago.  Olive- the Kia Sorento is settling in nicely. She even fits in the garage.

For fun, I thought I’d do another Do’s and Don’ts post for this week.  Here goes…

1. DO Marinate Tri-Tip steaks.

Chris found this recipe online and they are in the fridge as we speak soaking up all the garlicky goodness.  Can’t wait to throw them on the grill tonight, hopefully avoiding this terrible scenario from my previous “dos and don’ts” post.

1/4 soy sauce, 1/4 olive oil, 2 tablespoons water, 2 cloves garlic peeled and chopped, ground black pepper to taste, and 4 lbs beef tri-tip cut into 1/2 slices.  (We just used the steaks that we had, and didn’t slice them).

2. DON’T neglect your window flower boxes.

With all the crappy weather we’ve been having in the northwest I guess I kind of forgot to water these poor guys.  Maybe I thought they would get enough water from the rain, but as a neighbor firmly pointed out at an HOA meeting last week, the rain does not make a 45 degree turn towards the house and boxes.   So much for “Proven Winners” flowers from Lowe’s.  Although I suppose if I tried to take them back now, I may get kind of a crazy look from their garden folks.

3. DO buy a flat of peaches at Costco…

…and eat them various ways.  Sliced, cobbler (haven’t tried yet), chunks with Tillamook vanilla bean ice cream (grandpa’s fav), or with a cheese sandwich (not in it, but sliced on the side instead of chips). Some of them have been a little tart, but sooo delicious!

4. DON’T leave your first floor window open so that your male cat can smell whatever animal came sauntering on by at 12:30 am.

He literally had a panic attack, screaming, yowling, hissing, rolling on the ground with Xerox leaving tufts of fur all over our bedroom floor. This all happened in the middle of the night, in our pitch black bedroom.  I ended up screaming bloody murder and thought for sure cops would end up on our doorstep.  The next day revealed holes in our sheers.  Good thing these were only like $4 at IKEA.


5. And finally DO bring your husband a beer and sunscreen as he sits on the patio reading his Nook.

I told him he would get sunburned because that’s what happens every time he sits out on the patio in the sunshine.  “I’ll be just fine” he said before going out.  30 minutes later or so, as I’m writing this blog post next to him, I saw that his knees started turning a rosy hue.  In search of the sunscreen I went, along with a holler of, “Sweetie, can you bring me another beer?”  I’m usually not “that” kind of wife, but I must of been feeling extra generous today.   Gotta be the sunshine!

I swear he’s not the uni-bomber. In his defense, it is just slightly windy outside today!

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