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Impromptu Laundry Room Revamp

We wanted to do something with our laundry room to make room for the litter box. I just don’t think it would be started and finished in a weekend!

Since we moved into our condo 3 years ago, we have kept the litter box in the upstairs guest bathroom.  When we have guests stay over we always have to move the box down to our bathroom, so that our guests can close the bathroom door and open the shower door. =) And the movement of the box back and forth can upset our little Xerox.  We got to thinking that a guest bathroom isn’t exactly the best place for a litter box.  So, I came up with the idea to stack our washer and dryer which would allow more floor room for the litter box.

In preparation, we headed to Best Buy for a Samsung stacking kit.  Not thinking we were actually going to stack the units this weekend, we just moved the dryer out to clean around it.  Uh…..

After we cleaned out around the dryer and removed the overhead wire shelf we decided to keep our momentum going and recruited some help to stack the dryer on top of the washer.  Chris’s good friend Tyler came to help and brought his sweet little puppy Bailey.  She’s smaller than our cats and an absolute doll.  I got the honor of babysitting for a few minutes.  Our living room was heaven for her with all the tiny cat toys we had laying around.

Bailey, the Bichon

Washer and dryer stacked?  Check….THANK YOU SO MUCH TO TYLER FOR HELPING!

To allow access for the cats to use the litter box, we took the bi-fold doors off and I whipped up some curtains.  Doing this gives an extra advantage of being able to keep the washing machine door open more so that there is less chance for mildew around the seal.  In addition we added shelving to the right of the washer and dryer.   At first I thought it would add more storage space, but it ends up being a little less, because we don’t have the washer and dryer to use as shelving.  To help, I’ll add a tiered caddy to hold the laundry soap and accouterments.

We really had no budget, but here’s the breakdown of how much we spent:

Samsung Stacking Kit: $24.99

5 yards of Fabric for curtain panels:  $10.99/yd x5= $55.  50% off JOANN’s coupon= $28  SCORE and extra for future pillow cover!

Tension rod: $7.99

Rubbermaid white shelving including brackets and upright twin tracks:  approx $60

TOTAL: $121

So there it is in a nutshell, our laundry room revamp.  Don’t worry, we kept the track on for the bi-fold doors, just in case we want to put them back on.  The babies are already using the litter box downstairs, so I’d call it a success so far.


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