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Baby T Nursery Design Inspiration

Baby need a stylish and comfortable place to sleep…I better get working on that!

At the risk of turning my home-y blog into a baby blog, today I decided to blog about my nursery design inspiration.  Next week we find out if this little baby I’m carrying is a boy or a girl.  I’m at the halfway point of my pregnancy already and can’t quite believe it.  I’m practically panicking because I think I have ZERO time left to figure out the nursery.  Chris strongly reminds me that I have 4 more months!

Before I even became pregnant I started saving links on Project Nursery, a fabulous website where mommies (and daddies) can post pictures of their nursery design, including descriptions and references to where they got all their goods to complete the room.  Of course Pinterest has been a huge help too!

My nursery design has changed at least once since I started seriously planning and pinning.  I’ve changed crib styles and color schemes.  Trouble is, without knowing yet if it’s a boy or girl, it’s hard to narrow down options. I HAVE NO PATIENCE. Most of the rooms I look at seem to be more girly…hopefully that’s a sign.

Let’s start with rooms I really like…

Baby T’s library:

Inspired via Project Nursery. Click to link to room
Ceiling stripes anyone?

Loves:  Even though this room was for a girl, I feel like it is very neutral and could go either way!

-colorful rag rug (although we have carpet, so we probably don’t need a rug). This is actually 6 small entry rugs taped together.  Cool idea!

-Jenny Lind white crib with colorful pillows and throws.  I’m sure Nana S has some great ideas for a quilt. =)

-wall ledges to place books.  The mom who did this room said she loved how the books were a great art display, that added lots of color to the room.

-As of yesterday I love the ceiling stripes and wall color.  I know they would be a pain in the ass to do, but they say that contrast for babies is important.  The only thing I need to strongly think about is if the gray color on the wall (Disney’s Mickey’s Shadow) would be too dark for our Northwest condo.  However, that is the one room in the house that gets the most light and has the biggest windows, so it might be alright.

Rainbow Room:

Rainbow colors against a dark slate background

Loves: – hands down the crocheted blanket in bright rainbow colors and the large circular rug from Anthropologie

-The “LOVE” pillow and the bright prints over the crib

-The tissue Poms over the closet-click the picture for additional pics of this room.

No-so-loves: I love the dark slate wall, but am thinking for our dreary days it would be too depressing.

Gray and Pink Sweet Baby Girl Nursery

When I found this blogger I practically fell in love.  She reminds me alot of myself, or maybe who I want to be, because she’s super cute and stylish and has a City Mini Stoller of course.  This nursery is much different than the other two but there are elements I definitely like.

Little Baby Garvins room!

Loves: -the soft furry rug, the slate gray glider,

-Jenny Lind white crib, tissue poms over crib

-Hot pink crane humidifier

-Open concept changing table (refurbished cabinet with doors taken off), with accessory tray next to changing pad.

-Over the glider there is a little print that she made that says, “Today I will be happier than a bird with a french fry”. I love this!

No-so-loves: a little bit too barren for me.

Modern Nursery

Project Nursery- Zoe’s Modern Nursery

Loves: -ledges for books

-IKEA Expedit Bookshelf that could double as a bench

– IKEA Poang rocker along with colorful pillows and throws

-Dresser with custom changing pad cover and clear accessory tray (I love this dresser, but unfortunately it was custom designed at a local store on the east coast.)

-Wall color: Benjamin Moore Natura, Stonington Gray

Individual Elements I love:

Little Baby Garvin blog’s Etsy Shop- JandPaper
Love Pillow- dedeetsyshop
Refurbed yellow dresser with changing pad
Ombre upholstered IKEA Malm Dresser
Paper Source paper lined drawers
Umbra House tissue holder
DIY Tissue poms in bright colors!


I think that’s all of it.   Actually, who am I kidding, I have an entire other word document full of links to Project Nursery rooms.  I had to narrow it down to three or four primary rooms and take elements from them to try and make a stylish and comfy room for Baby T.

Tell me, what do you think?  Likes and dislikes? Suggestions?

You all know I have to ask everyone I know for advice before I end up settling on something.


One thought on “Baby T Nursery Design Inspiration

  1. This is making me want to redo our nursery. I LOVE the bookshelf display – I think I might do that in Charlottes room. I wonder how well the books actually stay on and if there would be enough space. It’s almost like you’d just be able to display your favorites and put the rest somewhere else. I’m also digging the light gray wall color (love the striped ceiling) because then you can add splashes of color and change things up as he/she gets older. I also love the bright pictures with sayings. I’m actually working on making some for C via a pinterest post I found. If they turn out well I’ll show them to you and I’d be happy to make some for baby T. That rug is great!! One thing I would recommend – make sure whatever chair you pick is a) very comfortable and b) very easy to get in an out of. You will spend a LOT of time in it and when you’re trying to get out of it with a sleeping 15 lb baby in the middle of the night, you’ll want it to be a smooth transition. 🙂

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