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Oregon Coast Babymoon: Part 1

A babymoon is kind of like a honeymoon, but for before the baby comes.  It’s a last getaway before you become responsible for something other than yourselves. 

We kept a look out for good Groupons and thought about the Washington Coast, Oregon Coast, and California.  The Oregon Coast made the most sense logistically because it meant we wouldn’t have to fly anywhere but it was still far enough away that we didn’t feel like we were really close to home.  Although it’s still a few months before Baby T makes his arrival, we jumped on the opportunity when I had a Monday and Tuesday off of work.  It is mid October on the Oregon Coast, which naturally means cold, wet, and rainy.  But as Pemco Insurance company so names it, we were Northwest Profile #38: Goosebumped Beach Bums.

There was no shame in wearing two layers of outerwear here!

My wonderful husband planned the whole thing out for us.  Mostly because I Yelped everything to death, causing me to think any decent hotel option was actually no good. Chris found what ended up being a fantastic deal on Yelp for The Inn at Seaside. He put together a general intinerary for each day, and from there I filled in the gaps with TripIt! (A cool app and website that lets you keep track of all your vacation reservations, plans, and activities along the way)

Let’s chronicle Day One shall we?  I started to blog about the entire trip and then realized it would be seriously too long and boring. I’m always super picture heavy.

Day One: Babymoon Bliss and Touristy Action

We left home around 9 am and stopped at the Panera Drive-Thru (I know, right?) for some breakfast goods.  We also stopped at a gas station for giant water bottles and the traditional road trip Grandma’s cookies.  For the record, I did not ask for the cookies, my wonderful husband got them for me.  He knows me too well, I think.

I used OntheWayApp.com to find interesting stops along the way.  We actually only stopped at two of them on our way to Seaside.  One was the Nutty Narrows Squirrel Bridge in Longview Washington.  The backstory on this is that in the 1960’s there was a busy road in Longview that was  host to a number of squirrel roadkills.  A guy working in an office building near by got tired of seeing this so he had some architects build an elevated highway for these beloved creatures.  It’s a 60 foot span fastened between two trees, hoisted over Olympic Way in Longview.  Such a sight to see, indeed. *sarcasm*

can you see the little squirrel bridge?

Add an additional stop to use the restroom at a Burger King in Longview, and while there a little Light Lemonade from a Coke Freestyle machine.  It was out of light lemonade, which was approximately 5 seconds from being a serious problem, but then they just changed the printer-like cartridge, and all balance was restored.  Crisis averted, thank god!

Stop #3 was the Astoria Column.  Built in 1926, a 125 foot high column that has “served as a Beacon on the Northwest Coast”. Still not sure if it ever had actual function, or just purely symbolic.  Needless to say, at 6 months preggo and a husband with a slight fear of heights, we didn’t climb up the stairs.


We then hit up the Columbia River Maritime Museum where we learned about the perils of the Columbia River Bar and that Bar Pilots get paid an average of $180,000 a year to hop on some container ships and guide them in and out of the mouth of the river.  (Actually we Googled it).  That’s some serious cash to be directing ships.  It was a pretty neat museum, especially for those maritimy-ling inclined.


We then ate at an Oregon hipster type “Public House” in Astoria, the Fort George Brewing Company.  As some of you may have seen on my Facebook comment to Chris, there was a conversation we overheard with a server and patrons regarding how the tortilla chips for the chips and salsa were so much better because they weren’t like over processed chips.  These chips came from Hood River, Oregon, therefore they were from much fresher corn.  The whole exchange reminded Chris and I of the Portlandia sketch in which Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein go to meet the chickens they are about to consume at the local farm-to-table restaurant they are dining at.  Hipsters I tell ya.  =)

Before arriving in Seaside we made one last stop at the Peter Iredale shipwreck on the Fort Stevens State Park beach.  A little anticlimactic and very windy. I thought the wreck would be so much bigger, but I guess when it’s been there for 106 years, it’s probably been degraded slightly.

To scale. =)

Check in at The Inn at Seaside went very smoothly.  The staff was extremely friendly.  Extra comfy beds, fresh cookies and popcorn in the afternoons, and complimentary continental breakfast in the morning made our stay very enjoyable.  I almost tested out my pregnant swimming capabilities in the pool, only because it was a toasty 87 degrees, but decided to stay snug in our room instead.

Our Groupon gave us a night stay with a $25 credit to the Twisted Fish Steakhouse (service and food not the greatest, but at 50% off our meal, who cares), 2 passes to the Aquarium (they have seals), a $10 card to the Arcade (which we didn’t use), and a box of chocolates from Bruce’s Candy Kitchen.  Score!



On Day 2 we’ll cover the Tillamook Cheese Factory, Cannon Beach walk in the pouring rain and sun, and our near inability to get pizza for dinner in Seaside.  

Where would you Babymoon?




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