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Babymoon Part 2: Preggo Loves Her Cheese

Day Two: Cheese and Beach combing!

We had a very big second day of our Oregon Coast Babymoon!

1. Breakfast at Seaside Inn= FREE!

2. Drive south down Highway 101 to Rockaway Beach to visit Lindsay’s grandparents beach house.  Let ourselves in with the key and then couldn’t figure out how to lock the door.  No cell service to call Grandma, but luckily they have a land line!

3. Continue south to THE Tillamook County Creamery, otherwise known at The Cheese Factory. Look at cheese being made, eat some samples, buy some cheese curds, and eat a 3-scoop ice cream sampler, all by 10:30 am!  The Factory turns out of 167,000 pounds of cheese per day.  YUMMMM!

Tyler 2.0 shenanigans with Chris
Baby Loaf VW
Look Honey, they’re making loads of Baby Loafs down there!

4. Nothing else in Tillamook can top the Cheese Factory (except I kind of wanted to have tea at the tea place, but I can’t have caffeine and some ingredients in tea, and can’t have sandwiches, so kind of not worth it), therefore head back north to Cannon Beach!

5. Ate at Ecola Seafood Market and had yummy seafood.  I consumed the cod and chips and Chris had the jumbo prawns and chips. It was rainy and cold outside so this was a nice little hideaway for lunch.

6. Too cold to walk around town, and let’s be honest when you’ve seen one gift shop and art gallery you’ve seen them all.  So, we tried bundling up  for a walk on the beach to Haystack Rock. I’m guessing we walked 1/2 mile down the beach.  Baby T sure was getting his exercise!

Cheese! Oh wait, no that was the previous town.

Attack of the rogue wave!

7. Rain held off during our entire walk and then the skies opened up the minute that we got back into the car.  Headed back north to our cozy room in Seaside.  Took a little ni-night while Chris worked.  Holding back heartburn, we decided to head out for local pizza, in our full rain gear.  Pizza Harbor was closed, even though Yelp said it was open. Fultano’s in the Arcade wouldn’t seat us, saying they were too full, despite having tables open.  We promptly walked out and decided to try another Yelp joint called Angelina’s.  It was here where we drafted our negative Yelp review of Fultano’s pizza (did I mention we’re total bitches?) and watched the Presidential Debate via Chris’ cell phone.  We had calzone and pizza! Delish!

8. Head back to the room for another ni-night!

And that my friends is a summary of the second day of our babymoon! Chris and I are not really adventurous tourists and can spend 5 minutes in one place and be completely content to move on to the next.  We covered four towns on this second day and felt we got everything in that we wanted to!  

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