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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

This Thanksgiving weekend seemed to be another one packed full o’ projects. In total I:

Made a Christmas wreath for the front door. Somehow I lost my previous one.

-Helped Chris hang lights on the house.

-Got the tree put together, ornaments hung, and mantle partially set up.

-Made a glitter covered tree topper for the Christmas tree.

-Started an art project for over the mantle during Christmas time.

-And also managed to spend a couple hours organizing and scanning photos onto my laptop and jump drives.

Phew!  That is a lot and doesn’t even include Friday.  That day was reserved for a BFF date for pedicures and tea in Edmonds!  Let’s just say that took priority as I was in desperate need of a pedicure, seeing as how I can barely reach my toes anymore. At least not comfortably.

For my planned projects I took advantage of the major discounts at Jo-Ann Fabrics After-Thanksgiving sale.  All the wreath makings were 50-70% off and many of the other items were 40%.  For the items that weren’t on sale I had a plethora of coupons to use.  I took some Pinterest inspiration with me from the following pins:

Pinterest- Glitter Tree Topper
Pinterest- Mantle and DIY letter artwork

The wreath was my own creation. I’ve made one before, but somehow it got lost in our move a few years ago. It took me literally 10-20 minutes to put this together.  I placed all the bobbles in the wreath temporarily, along with the pine cones and let it sit over night. Something wasn’t looking right at first, but when I came back in the morning it seemed to look better.  I then wrapped the wire of the bobbles around the frame and hot glued the pine cones into place.

Artificial wreath, Cinnamon scented pine cones, sparkly add-ons


Festive wreath for our front door

On to the tree topper.  This was also pretty simple.  The supplies included Mod Podge Matte glue, cardboard boxy letter from Joann’s, and Glitter.  All  of it was on sale, making this project less than $10.  And I now have lot’s of leftover glitter and mod podge for other projects.

Mod Podge, Cardboard “T”, sponge brush, glitter brushes, and glitter (chunky kind)
Mid glittering!

A little wobbly at first but we cut a hole in the bottom of the letter and stuffed the end of the tree up into it.

Pardon my preggo belly sticking out.

I did start the mantle artwork project, but am still working on glittering the J-O-Y letters and need to get some black ribbon for hanging. So, I’ll keep that for a separate post.

I leave you with the festive Christmas lights on our humble home.  We seem to do something a little something each year.  They’re always on the first level because it would require some serious maneuvering on our part to go up to the second floor without falling off the roof. 

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