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“Joy to the World” and some DIY Mantel Artwork!

I’m feeling very festive this year. I think it might be because I’ll have a houseful of people during Christmas.  It’s the Christmas as an adult I’ve practically always dreamed of having.  I.E.: a warm house with beautiful Christmas decorations, candles, a fire going, and me getting to use all of our wedding gifts to set a beautiful table.  Ironically stresses me out.  I have a few weeks to prepare and want the house to be in tip-top shape.  Chris was saying to be today that this month is going to fly by!

I’ve already completed three DIY Christmas projects. As I was reminded today of the amount of money we’ve I’ve spent at Jo-Ann’s the past couple of weeks, I think those will be my last DIY projects for a while.

I’ve already shown you the wreath for the front door and the Christmas Tree Topper.  Today, we finished hanging the J-O-Y mantle artwork.  I was inspired by this pin, originally from Thifty Decor Chicks Blog

Thrify Decor Chicks- Let the Magic Being Mantels
Thrify Decor Chicks- Let the Magic Begin Mantels

In hers, she uses existing DIY artwork of canvases covered in painted wallpaper. I was going to do this and use it after the holidays, somewhere else around the house, but we couldn’t find a great deal on the paintable wallpaper and it would’ve cost much more to do.  I used wrapping paper for mine and if I want I can remove the paper and do a paintable wallpaper later in the year.

My supplies were three 16×20″ blank canvases, a huge roll of Costco wrapping paper, cardboard letters, gold chunky glitter, mod podge matte glue, and black sheer ribbon.

I started by wrapping the christmas paper around the canvas and stapling it to the back of the frame….

joy DIY artwork

I then glittered the living daylights out of a J, O, and Y cardboard letters.  I learned from doing the “T” topper that the trick to getting a good layer of glitter is as follows:

-drizzle on a healthy portion of mod podge onto one side of the letter

-spread it around with a sponge brush,

-sprinkle a hefty amount of glitter onto the carboard letter (don’t be afraid to use a lot. Any that doesn’t adhere will come off and you can brush it up and use it again)

-Take a small brush and tap the glitter gently into the glue

-Repeat until all sides are coated!

I let it dry at least overnight and then came back to attach the sheer black ribbon to the letters…

Joy ribbon

Joy ribbon position

When we were hanging Christmas lights outside last weekend I peeked into the kitchen and saw our cat Xerox licking the hot glue gun. Thank god it was off, but really?  I flew inside the house to take it away from her.  Who knew I could move that quickly at 29 weeks pregnant?

So next, we had to measure the inset of the mantel wall so that we could evenly hang the canvases.  This is where my engineer brained husband appeared.  He makes me do some math along the way. Mainly because I think I can’t compute it and he knows that I can.

joy hanging

Pretty dang fancy huh??

joy complete

I just have to get some nice candles for my Crate and Barrel pillar holders, place a couple more gold accented dove ornaments in the garland, and add some pine cones to it and we should be set!

joy complete 3

There’s my cozy, candlelit, and gorgeous Christmas mantel!  Ho, ho, ho my friends!

Photo Nov 30, 6 17 15 PM


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