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Christmas Day recap!

There went the holidays! In the blink of an eye they were over and done with. I can’t quite believe it’s January 4th already!

This year Chris and I hosted a gaggle of people at our house for Christmas day! And then a few days later there were more people in the house getting ready for my baby shower.  At one point we had 6 adults and a baby sleeping under our roof. Stressful for sure, but in the end, totally worth it!  I guess it’s nothing compared with a patient of mine who said she had 21 people over for Christmas dinner!  We had 8 and a 14 month old.

Christmas dinner went off without a hitch. When I was a kid we always had big Christmas dinners at our house or at my Nanna and Pappas house in Arizona.  I always remember the tables being put together elegantly, and everyone having such a great time. I was determined to replicate my fondest memories, so my mom and I did some prep with the table setting a few days before Christmas.  I was super excited to be able to use my Nanna’s china and all my beautiful tableware.  The china is the Nortitake Meredith pattern, which is silver rimmed with mint green on the edge and semi asian floral pattern.

Noritake Meredith. Made from 1958-1962, pattern #5918.

We paired that with a black tablecloth, silver Chilewich Dahlia silver placemats, and navy blue Crate and Barrel napkins that have a slight sheen to them.  I used my “almost handmade” slumped glass serveware that I made at Fused Glass in Roslyn, Washington for the condiments. I topped the table with our Crate and Barrel Arden Candlestick holders.  We ran out of time to go get flowers and small vases, otherwise we would’ve done short vases with a few roses in each. The “kids” table in the kitchen had a similiar set up but with a Crate and Barrel Winterberry tablerunner.

Voila….an elegant but modern tablescape…

Placesetting with slumped glass condiment serving dish
Placesetting with slumped glass condiment serving dish
formal table setting 2
Formal table setting
kids table
No-so-kids table, except for my lovely niece!

The Menu:

Plate with Cranberry White Cheddar, Herb Boursin, and Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Pioneer Woman’s Prime Rib with Rosemary Salt Crust

Potatoes Romanoff

Bacon Braised Green Beans


Apple Pie and Assorted Cookies

A very special thank you must go out to my stepbrother in law who practically cooked the entire prime rib for me. I was so damn nervous to cook it.  I’d never seared anything before, let alone two 4 lb bone-in roasts.  He is a professional pastry chef and an excellent cook, like his father.  He stood in the kitchen with my mom and I, searing the meat perfectly, giving us all the professional tips.  After he was done searing it, I added the rub, which consisted of kosher salt, thyme, rosemary, salt, garlic, and tri-color peppercorns. Into the oven it went, along with my fancy meat thermometer that we could constantly monitor from the other room.

If I look upset it's because I'm thinking, "Please turn out, please turn out, please turn out!"
If I look upset it’s because I’m thinking, “Please turn out, please turn out, please turn out!”

OMG- It was so delicious when it came out.  Most everyone liked their meat rare to mid-rare, so we had to cook a few pieces a little longer.  But those pieces got to sit in all the pan drippings, which might have given it extra flavor. We were all pretty full afterwards so the Apple Pie didn’t get cracked open until after everyone left.  Who cracked it open? Oh… me of course! With Cool Whip!

At the end of the evening, I was ordered to go sit on the couch while my house guests tidied up our feast.  Relax and put my feet up?  What’s that? The day went by so quickly, but was all that I hoped for from a big family gathering.  I was so glad that my mom was able to come from Arizona and that my sister and brother in law were able to make it from Denver.

In other news, this new year will prove to be exciting for us.  According to my “What to Expect” app we have 5 weeks and 2 days before Baby Thompson makes his arrival!  *Thoughts of HOLY SHIT run through head*  We have so much to do and the time seems to be slipping away.  With me getting more uncomfortable by the minute AND also not understanding the meaning of slowing down, things are getting interesting around here.  More than once this week I’ve been ordered to go to bed early.  Chris has been very sweet to tuck me into my nest of pillows, with my Baby 411 book.

On my to do list is:

-Pack the hospital bag

-Get the carseat installed

-Finish our meetings with our doula, including childbirth prep

-Complete our birthplan

-Sew another crib sheet, changing pad cover, and crib skirt

-Figure out book wall for babies room

-Get frames and hang prints and pictures in nursery

-Build cornices for over windows

-Organize his dresser/changing table

-Get all of our cloth diapers and accessories

-Make the cats a vet appointment (like that’ll get done…)

-What else am I forgetting?

Once the nursery is all set, I plan on doing a post with pictures and resources.  In the meantime…


chris lindsay preggo

2 thoughts on “Christmas Day recap!

  1. Well Lindsay, you make the rest of us look like beginners. I thought I’d set a lovely table. You and your Auntie Lynne are so alike.

    1. Lyn,

      I was just super excited to use all my fancy things that I never get to use. They are so beautiful and some wedding gifts, so it’s a shame they sit in the closet most of the year. I think they were screaming to get out and be seen. =) I’ve probably learnt a thing or do about home and party decorating along the way from both my Auntie and Mom! =) Thanks so much for following along with my little blog.

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