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Baby T’s Drawers Get a Little Dressing Up!

Way before conception of this little guy, when I was pinning away nursery ideas, I found one about using paper from Paper Source to line dresser drawers.  I thought this was such a cute idea, and somewhat old fashioned too. With a modern print it can really make a statement, albeit secretly because most people won’t be looking directly in the drawers.

Project Nursery- Zoe’s Modern Nursery

I knew I wanted to use the paper but also wanted to be able to preserve it during its use.  I found a couple of ideas on Pinterest which used transparent contact paper to encase the wrapping paper, giving it a durable finish.  One of the pins used modpodge to fix the paper to the bottom of the drawer, however I also wanted the flexibility to change out these liners over time. The second picture below is a tutorial where she used contact paper over the wrapping paper, which worked perfectly for what I needed.

Young House Love- Mod Podge drawer liners
SparklePantsGirl- drawer liners using contact pa

Paper Source, located in trendy shopping areas throughout the country, has a great selection of fine papers and specialty wrapping paper. Now that we have the paint and general idea of the nursery, Chris and I headed to Paper source to find the perfect printed paper for Baby T’s drawers. We settled on two different prints.

Watercolor Dots Wrapping Paper-Paper Source
Animals Wrapping Paper-Paper Source

Each roll had two 27″ by 39″ sheets. The IKEA Malm drawers are 28 1/8″ wide by 16 3/4″ deep.   We could have used one sheet for two drawers but there would’ve been about 1/2″ excess on either side, and of course that didn’t sit well with me.  In addition, because the animals print is directional, we needed to make sure we had enough so that the animals were facing the correct way in the drawer. Just in case,we purchased two rolls of the watercolor dots and one roll of the animals print, giving us one sheet for each drawer.  I ended up having a lot of extra paper but I’m sure I’ll find a use for it somewhere in the nursery, or elsewhere in the house.

Here is our DIY in pictures:

Step 1: Measure and cut wrapping paper to fit inside drawers. Ours were 28 1/8″ x 16 3/4″.   Check, and check again, to make sure they fit correctly inside the drawers.

o's drawer liners- measuring

Step 2: not shown- Cut Con-tact paper 2 inches wider on all sides.  We could only do two inches on the “width” sides.

Step 3:Once all the wrapping paper and contact paper has been cut to size, gently peel back the contact film from the paper backing. Make sure your wrapping paper is waiting laying face up on a hard surface (my rotary mat worked great).

o's drawer liners-peeling contact paper

Step 4: Preferably with a helper, line the Con-tact paper square with the wrapping paper. Chris held the sticky side down, while I pulled the backing out and away from the Con-tact paper. Once it was square, we gently layed about two inches of the sticky side down onto the wrapping paper, smoothing out the initial bubbles.

o's drawer liners-lining up contact paper

Step 5: As I pulled the paper backing away from the Con-tact paper, Chris used my quilting ruler to smooth down the Con-tact paper to the wrapping paper, leaving no trace of air bubbles as we went along.

o's drawer liners-applying contact paper

Step 6: Check the first couple of liners to make sure they fit.  I did an additional step and took four pieces of double stick tape to tac the liners to the inside of the drawers.
o's drawers liners-bottom drawers

There they are! I love how they aren’t all the same, but still coordinate.  They’ll give me something fun to look at while we’re picking out Baby T’s onesie for the day, or doing a diaper change.  I will note that the upper right drawer has IKEA SKUBB drawer organizers so you can barely see the pattern of the drawer liner coming through.

o's drawers liners 2 o's drawer liners

Total project cost: $23.85 plus tax for the rolls of paper and maybe $6 for the Con-tact Paper.  

Plus the sweat equity of my 8 month pregnant body on the nursery room floor and Chris’ spasm-ing back on the ground with me. That’s love I tell ya- for both ourselves and unborn child.

9 thoughts on “Baby T’s Drawers Get a Little Dressing Up!

  1. These look so cute and fresh Lindsay! So much fancier than my baby’s drawer liners. I took the wrapping paper from their showers, gently pressed it and cut to fit. I think it was there for years. This idea would be functional in Elle’s first desk drawer too. Easy to clean spilled glue etc. Great job! Thanks for the idea!!

    1. Mom G- What a great idea for Elle’s future desk drawer!! Also, I love the idea that you took the wrapping paper from your showers to use in the drawers. What a special way to preserve memories of the shower!

  2. I love both the patterns and colors of the paper. Genious idea to cover the paper with transparent contact paper. Just think how delighted you will be each time you open the drawers!!!!!

  3. Love This Idea! Question – Did You Cut The Excess Contact Paper On Each Side After Applying It To The Wrapping Paper? Or Did You Fold It Under?

    1. Rachel- thanks for the question. I folded under on each side. If I were to do it again I’d probably cut the excess and apply more double stick tape (along the whole length rather than just the corners). If you try this porject, let me know. I’d love to see how it turns out!

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