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Happy First Anniversary to Inspired Domesticity!

 One year ago today I launched Inspired Domesticity! 

I had recently discovered Pinterest, which became an immediate addiction.  Chris and I had been enjoying trying to recipes and cooking together.  I’ve since been spoiled by his work in the kitchen and have come home to yummy dinners several times in the last year. I became overwhelmed with the amount of home décor projects I could tackle.  In the last year we’ve been successful on several house projects, making our condo feel more like home than ever.  (I know, I know—we still need to figure out the main living area paint).  I’ve posted on just about everything from food, home decorating, the weather, to-do lists, cocktails, outdoor projects, my travels, and the joys and preparations for our little boy who should make his entrance into this world in about four weeks!

chris lindsay preggo

I have to thank everyone who supported me with the start of this blog including my husband, mother in law, and Mom G!  And a very special thank you to my Auntie for spreading the love of my blog to all her fabulous friends!

Yesterday, I figured out through my site stats that Inspired Domesticity is on Pinterest!  I practically fell off my kitchen chair.  It just shows you the power of social media.  For the mature blogger this is no big thing, but for me in my first year it means I gave inspiration to someone else, which is exactly what I set out to do. And although it’s not amazing by blog-world standards, I couldn’t be happier with the almost 6,000 views my blog has received since its launch. That’s from 78 countries and an average of about 30 views per day (views per day is my own math).

My most viewed post happened to be IKEA Tullero Patio Set Refinish Complete.  This was probably our biggest project, besides the Laundry Room Re-vamp. A close second was Velvet Grommet Panel Heaven

photo 3

curtain rod finials

So, for the upcoming year  my bloggy goals are to become more familiar with formatting, picture editing, getting more comments/dialogue on posts, and possibly doing a giveaway.  I’m not so interested in becoming a blog with sponsors. I like the casualness I have now, but would like to rev up my blogging skills for sure!

Thanks for sharing in this moment with me and here’s to a fabulous 2013!

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