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Paint Sample Abstract Artwork

I never posted about the time I tried to pick out paint for our Master Bathroom.  This post isn’t about that, but I’ll give you some background.


Let’s just say, about 10 paint samples later, I went out of town and my husband ended up picking one and painting the bathroom before I got home.  Luckily, for his sake and mine, it worked out wonderfully. I think we’ve purchased anywhere from 2-10 different color samples for each room we’ve painted.  I can’t even begin to think about picking out color for our main space, especially considering there are vaulted ceilings and the living room flows into the dining room which flows up the stairs to the loft.  We have some walls that span two stories.  Anyway….that’s for another time.

When Chris and I went to San Diego a couple of years ago on our cruise we visited the art museum during an exhibit where florists interpret art into floral arrangements. It’s called Art Alive and happens every year at the museum.  While touring the museum we came across a really cool artistic medium- oil on plywood.  It was basically like the artist just splashed paint onto plywood in randomness.  We LOVED it and wanted to try it for our house.  So now that we have a whole range of yellows, greens, blues, and purples out in the garage, I thought I’d try this on a smaller scale, and with canvas.

I thought it would be a neat piece of art for the baby’s room.  So here’s how it went:

1.Gathered paint samples, plastic spoons for mixing paint, plastic forks for texturing, cheap brushes (actually don’t-the fibers fell out onto the painting and the spoons actually worked really well for splattering, dolloping, and spreading), plastic bag for a drop cloth, canvas in size of your choice.  This was an 11×14 canvas.

Photo Nov 02, 1 24 06 PM

2.  Went to town.  (Remember to try not to let what it looks like in the middle of the project discourage you.  Just go with it and it’ll turn out fine, or it’ll grow on you.) Organized chaos was what I was going for.  Total randomness, if you will.

Photo Nov 02, 2 20 41 PM

3.   Add some spray paint if you want. I didn’t have any red paint samples and was thinking that it was looking to blue-green.  So I added some sprays of red.

Photo Nov 02, 2 33 05 PM

4. Finished product all hung in the nursery with care!  It’s got a lot of texture on it and is placed right above the changing pad.  I think it could be a neat sensory tool for the baby as he gets a little older.  Wondering though if I should do some sort of sealer or clear top coat on the canvas.

nursery-prints detail

Be honest- is it the ugliest thing you’ve ever seen?  =)  A bit random, but it was fun and practically FREE!


One thought on “Paint Sample Abstract Artwork

  1. I love it! I love the busy active nature of the piece, the edgyness of the grafiti like spritzes of red, the colors and textures and the perfect juxtaposition between the clean lined map, wonderful quotation and your masterpiece. Baby T will stare at it and be absolutely fascinated. I wouldn’t think that a sealer is any more necessary on the painting than it would be on a wall. What a cool and creative idea Linds, i’m so glad you have put so much of yourself into the peewee’s room.

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