He’s here!

We welcomed Oscar Conrad into the world on February 24th!

nurse jodi's hat

After 26 hours of labor and a c-section, we were so elated to meet our little man.  A few bumpy spots along the way, but three weeks down and we are finally settling into our routine.  I feel like he is 3 months old already.  In the first week things were changing hour by hour, both with feeding and his personality.  Chris has been the most wonderful father that I could ever ask for.  He is definitely his son….FOR SURE!  Although, we think he has my chin.   At least there is a little me in there.

2.25 momma snuggling

Photo Mar 02, 1 20 55 PM

Photo Mar 10, 9 30 33 AM

I’m a Mommy!  Can you even believe it?

Photo Mar 09, 3 51 31 PM

A short post for sure.  Just enough pictures to tide you over.  But my little love bug is waking up from his nap, so I’ll close for now.  Next post, I’m working on my teachings as a new mommy.  Things I’ve learned in the first month.  


3 thoughts on “He’s here!

  1. He has his daddy’s hairline too. Tee hee. Welcome to the Lyn and Lynne network. We will be commenting and offering tips right along. Me thinks you will block us at some point. Hahaha. Just kidding

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