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Patio Table Refinish 1 Year Later

The most popular blog post over the past year has been the IKEA Tullero patio table refinish (To see our step-by-step for the project click the link). After a reader asked how the table weathered the fall and winter, I decided to take some new photos and post an update. 

To refresh, here’s how it looked new, before the refinish, and after the refinish:   

All the tools for internet surfing: sun, laptop, diet coke, and headphones!
Brand New in 2011, a rich reddish brown finish
pre sand bench
Weathered after one season, in desperate need of some TLC and stain
photo 3
Refinish all done- a taupy brown stain complemented by Target orange cushions

Last spring we sanded down the entire set with an electric sander.  We then stained it with Olympic stain in “Granite” and placed a UV protectant on it. The furniture should really come indoors over the northwest cold and wet winters but that space is completely full of other  crap necessary household items. I don’t really like the idea of covers either because I’ve found that with BBQ covers inevitably junk collects underneath the covers anyway.  Also frogs, bugs, salamanders, spiders, and other squirmy gross things.

The Results:

The refinish seemed to hold up over the season.  There are only minor areas that could be sanded, stained and clear coated again.  The semi-dissapointing, but not surprising thing is that the table seems to have started to warp.  I’m not really upset about it though because this’ll be the third season we’ve had this table and it is still in really good shape.  The chairs and bench are still in good condition and the table will still serve it’s basic purpose…a spot for my laptop and diet coke milk bottle and coffee cup to sit during the sunny summer mornings.

patio table follow up 2

patio table follow up

patio table follow up 3

Once the sunny weather becomes more consistent I’ll bring out the cushions again. Or, maybe I’ll hit up my favorite places for some new ones.

Target 2 piece turqoise and gray cushions
All of these from Target- except that none are actually listed to buy!
Crate and Barrel Laurel 20″ square
Crate and Barrel Arroyo pillow

What patio revamp projects do you have planned? I’d love to hear some ideas…


3 thoughts on “Patio Table Refinish 1 Year Later

  1. hi, ggreat work ! do you have the assembly instructions for this set? i have lost mine and thought it would be easy to reassemble but now i have few screws and a lose set.:(

    1. Unfortunately I don’t, and I just checked IKEA’s website and it looks like they don’t have the Tullero set anymore. Maybe try contacting customer service and see if they could get you a set of directions?

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