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Master Bedroom Progress…

Man it’s been a while. Hasn’t it? I’ve been so busy doing this mom thing that I haven’t really had time to myself to work on the blog. As it is, this post will probably take me all day.  It’s 7:54 am and I’m pretty sure my little guy will be stirring any moment.  Since it’s Father’s Day, my “big guy” is still sleeping, so no worry of interruption there.  I got up bright and early, made myself some coffee, put together the french toast casserole and sat down at my kitchen table for some writing.

Photo Jun 16, 7 54 07 AM

This morning I was looking back on my second ever blog post- Needs and Wants for 2012 and Beyond.  I haven’t completed any of it!!!! Really??   Check it out, I promise you’ll be thoroughly disappointed.

The whole point of that was that we ARE making slow progress on our zen like bedroom.  For a refresher…here is the Polyvore set I put together as a map for what I was looking for in our master bedroom.

Room Inspiration from art and vintage jewelry box
Now that we’re parents we need something that is functional to our hectic lifestyle but also something that is elegant and a calming space to be in at the end of the day.  It’s taken four years to get to this point with the room and we still have a way to go.
Since we moved into the condo we have:
1. Bought the bedroom furniture
2.Painted the walls with a wispy blue. Lowe’s Valspar in Site White.  The room is north facing and generally dark during the day. We needed something that added a touch of color but also gave a light, icy feel to the room. 
3. Bought the West Elm Velvet Grommet Curtains and Rods (see our fiasco with that here)
4. Bought the painting from ZGallerie in Redmond, Washington.  Multiple locations nationwide. 
5. Bought the little mercury glass owl and had the Vintage Girl Scout jewelry box from Auntie L.  
6. Bought a 3 slot frame  from IKEA and put in the KORT Floral Art Cards
7. And our newest and most wanted purchase was the IKEA Songe full length mirror.  It matches the silvery-gold frame around the Kate Birch print and allows me to no longer have to stand on the bathtub to see what I look like all dressed up.  A win win! 
Photo Jun 14, 6 37 58 PM
Isn’t she gorg?
lindsay on bathtub

Pre-full length mirror. I’d gotten very good over the last four years at standing up there. Good thing we just got life insurance.  Oh wait, now I have the mirror so I no longer have to endanger myself. 

Here’s what the top of my dresser has shaped up to look like. The jewelry tree was a gift from my sister in law. I actually like how it artfully displays my earrings. I’ve tried to keep it organized so it doesn’t look all haphazard like.  Normally there is a cat bed on top of the dresser, however for the sake of making our room look “really put together” for the blog, I hence removed it.  The cats can sleep anywhere, right?

Photo Jun 16, 11 25 13 AM

Photo Jun 16, 11 25 03 AM

Photo Jun 16, 11 27 07 AM

The bedding has always been a source of contention with me.  I’ve tried many different things.  Somehow, Chris’s comforter from college always wins out. It’s so damn comfortable but incredibly ugly, not a queen size, and no where near the “elegant” I’m going for.  Since we bought our new memory foam mattress I purchased some yellow microfiber sheets from Target and we have a king size white duvet for the time being.

Here’s the rest of the room as it stands today.  Although it is Father’s Day, I did ask Chris to help me clear off his dresser and nightstand.  For what it’s worth, I had to do mine too.

Photo Jun 16, 11 26 54 AM

Photo Jun 16, 11 26 13 AM

Photo Jun 16, 11 25 34 AM
I’d love to mount the TV to the wall.
Photo Jun 14, 6 37 58 PM
Where’s Waldo? Er, I mean the kittens.

Photo Jun 16, 11 25 49 AM

Everything with the room has been tied back to the Kate Birch print.  I love the little birds and the colors of it.

Kate Birch, Silverwood 1 at

I’m super happy with our new full length mirror. It was definitely worth the year or so wait to make sure that’s the one I wanted.  We still need to:

1. Purchase and install wall-mounted lighting

2. Figure out bedding once and for all.

3. Perhaps make some throw pillows

4. Maybe put a chair in the room, but unfortunately knowing us it will become a clothing rack.  =(

So, what to you think? What else does our room need to make it complete?

2 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Progress…

  1. Inspires me to finish the decor in our bedroom. I especially love the home u gave your pearls on the tabletop mirror!!

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