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Let The Baby Food Adventure Begin!

O is close to being 6 months old which means he gets to start having more than his milk.  We were originally going to wait until he was a full six months old before starting solids, however some of the things we’ve read suggested to start no later than six months.  He has most of the signs of being ready including doubling his birth weight, sitting up with support, putting literally everything in his mouth, and lately he seems to be somewhat less satisfied with his normal amount of milk.  The only sign he doesn’t have is being interested in what we’re eating.  We’re not exactly the everyone-eat-at-the-dinner-table type of family, so O isn’t always right next to us when we are eating.

After some personal debate, we decided to go for purees first, rather than starting with rice cereal. Most of what we read indicated that rice cereal can be difficult to digest and there’s really no medical reason for it besides adding the extra iron.  His formula is iron fortified and by adding a variety of fresh fruit and veggie purees, he’ll be sure to get all the vitamins and minerals that he needs.

To figure out what the hell we are in for, I borrowed several books from the library, was given a couple to borrow, and recieved one as a gift. The library is a great resource to get an idea of what you’re doing, then if you like the book you can order it later. For his first tastes we narrowed the cookbooks down to “Baby Love: Healthy, Easy, Delicious Meals for your Baby and Toddler” by Norah O’Donnell and her husband Chef Geoff Tracy, “The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet” by Karen Knight, RN, and Tina Ruggiero, M.S., R.D., L.D.., and “Starting Solids” by Annabel Karmel.    There is so much information regarding the best way to start solids that it has been a bit overwhelming.  I tried to extract the basic information and then for creative recipes later on, we’ll use the other books.

Our starting solids “Must Have” book list:

Annabel Karmel

She’s British and has a super cute product line for baby food making!

The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet

Creative Recipes for Healthy Homemade Baby Food

Baby Love

Thank you Richardson’s for this book! We love that it’s really simple and well laid out!

Our First Tools:

Baby Bullet

Aroma Steamer

OXO Ice Cube Trays

Ice cube tray with a cover-eliminates having to wrap the trays overnight.

Munchkin Soft Tipped Spoons

Give baby one to hold while you feed him. It’ll give him some control of the situation. Just make sure he doesn’t shove it all the way down his throat and gag himself. Lesson learned! =)

and Eventually- munchkin bowls

So, let the adventure begin!  Friday we stopped by a local farm-stand and picked up some fruits and veges.  We decided to start with sweet potato and apples, then try parsnip, peas, and pears.  I felt so healthy and green!  I’d never bought a parsnip in my life and wasn’t even sure what one looked like.  The farm-stand prices were actually cheaper than the grocery store and everything was either local or organic.  We’re really lucky in Washington to have excellent produce farms and are especially known for Apples and Pears.  If my coworkers read this, I may now have a reason to go Ninja Apple snitching’ in Chelan this year.  =) 

Pick your produce, Gather your info, Ready your supplies
Photo Aug 16, 6 24 31 PM
Baked sweet potatoes, ready to go into the Bullet


3 medium sweet potatoes cut in half, laid on sheet tray flesh down (that’s inside face down),baked in the oven at 400 degrees for 60 minutes. It gets all juicy and carmelized, so next time I’ll use some parchment paper to line the tray.  Let cool, scoop out flesh and put in the baby bullet.  I think we used about a cup of water and blended in the bullet for 10-15 seconds.  For the first taste add enough water so that it is slightly runny.  Pour into ice cube trays, freeze overnight.  Pop out, put into ziploc freezer bags, label with date made, and immediately put them back into freezer.  Thaw portions in the refrigerator overnight, heat until steaming, then cool before serving to baby!

Photo Aug 16, 6 31 44 PM

Loaded up, ready to freeze
Loaded up, ready to freeze

And the part we’d all been waiting for- EATING!!!!!!!

sweet potato first
First sweet potato bite!
And you’ve been giving me milk this whole time? What the hell man?

playing with spoon
Playing with my spoon is fun too!

yay food!
Thanks Mommy and Daddy for the yum yums!

So, I’m pretty sure he was WAY ready for solids.  There was no spitting out, took it from the spoon like a champion, and ate the entire baby bullet serving.  I knew it would be anticlimactic as it took all of 5 minutes from start to finish.  Oh well, this is just the start!  Let’s do it again tomorrow and in a few days try some apple.  

So there you have it, O is eating solids.  How did this time pass so quickly?

Tell me, what are your favorite first tastes for baby and combination recipes for later?


3 thoughts on “Let The Baby Food Adventure Begin!

  1. You are amazing. Great job girl. O is major lucky. I wonder how my kids survived. Your photos are so cute. I’d love to get my hands on him, he looks like a cuddle bear……

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