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Anniversary Gifts for Man and Wife

Gift giving in our household has always been a bit of a stresser for me.  It seems like the celebrations always sneak up on me and then I’m scrambling to put something meaningful together.  I always feel like Chris puts together the best gifts, even if he does say they are really random.  This year we had a lot of celebrations.  First was my birthday, then mothers day, then fathers day, then our anniversary, then Chris’ birthday, all in about 4 months.  Three of those events required me to be creative in my gift giving.  It’s just my own type-A personality that makes me worry so much about putting together the perfect gift.  (What was that Chris? Actually my anxiety you say? Or my OCD?  Yeah, uh-huh)

For Father’s Day I got Chris two tickets to the USA Men’s Soccer game vs. Panama and framed prints of Oscar and I, done at our local craft shop. Decent right?  And I’d already bought his birthday gift, which was tickets to the Paul McCartney concert.  Even better!  We tend to gift each other “experiences” rather than stuff.  And honestly, because he is impossible to buy for, that works for me.

Ok, but then what about our anniversary that fell in between those two?  When I’d spent a load of money on the other two gifts, I thought I’d go simpler and get him little treats.   Thus enters the MAN CRATE. I saw the idea on However, with a price tag of $50 and less then a week to get it here, I thought why not put together one myself.  In addition, I saw an idea online for date night coupons (, but again at $20 and less than a week to get it here, I decided to print my own. O and I headed out for rations.

Supplies for the crate:

One wooden crate from Jo-Ann’s

Extra plywood, hammer, and nails

Snacks including Whoppers, Sunflower seeds, Beef Jerky, Licorice

Xylitol ICE CHIPS candy in cinnamon- obviously this would be in here, I’m a dental hygienist and they were featured on Shark Tank

Celestial Seasonings K-Cups-Arnold Palmer flavor

Scrub Daddy– As Seen On TV and Shark Tank, available at Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Zipcicles– make your own OtterPops.  Chris loves Otter Pops- this way he can make his own fun flavors, and maybe some with less sugar 😉

TJ Maxx gift card– for all the random purchases he loves to make.

DIY Date Coupons–  little things he can redeem for the rest of the year, including a Baseball Date, a bucket of balls at the driving range coupon, and a date to go geocaching.  I’m not even really sure what that is, but it sounds darn fun.

Photo Jun 27, 6 41 33 PM

Photo Jun 27, 6 41 38 PM
I’m surprised there isn’t a cat in this box
Photo Jun 27, 6 46 24 PM
Ready to be buttoned up!

Extra plywood with some nails  and wood glue and you have a top.  Had I had some child free time I would’ve actually cut the plywood to size.  Don’t forget to give him the hammer so he can access his goodies. Photo Jun 28, 10 38 45 AM

Sources for the Coupons:

I got the idea from Datevitation, a service that allows you to pick a number of dates and they put them all together in a cute little voucher booklet.  I think it’s a really cool idea, but for me it wasn’t worth the money when I could put together something similar on my own.  I did get inspiration from some of their dates though.   I used a printable template that I found online but unfortunately, what I pinned is no longer on their site, so I can’t link to it for you.  They were really cute vouchers in different colors that I could fill in myself with whatever I wanted.   For Chris’ coupons I included dates, back rub, and things he could go do for personal time while I take care of little dude.

Photo Jun 27, 6 48 32 PM
My coupons ready to be filled in!
goecaching coupon

I thought I’d add in that I got him a custom made coat rack for his office.  He was using a push pin in the wall to hang his jackets or suits for game days.  Perfectly fine for him, but not so professional looking. =)  Since the 5th anniversary gift is something wood, when I saw this on Etsy I thought it’d be perfect.  And he can hang his D-A-D pictures of O above it.  The coat rack is made locally by Andrews Reclaimed, with reclaimed/refinished wood.  It is rather industrial looking which I think goes well with the industrial look of the campus Chris works on.

Photo Jun 28, 10 39 01 AM
Andrews Reclaimed on Etsy

Find more of their products on their Etsy shop HERE

Chris is an even better gift giver.  For our anniversary he put together this little gem of a gift.  

Photo Jun 28, 10 36 36 AM-Lush bath bombs

-A block print of the Westin Hotel in Cabo where we honeymooned. This picture has always made me smile (even though I pretty much hated Cabo, I loved this view)

-Erath Winery Pinot Blanc- the white wine we served at our wedding, only found at Trader Joe’s. 

-Sephora Gift Card

-And the piece de resistance, a yellow leather Steve Madden satchel.

WHAT THE WHAT?  How is he sooo good??


So, what are your fab anniversary gift ideas for your husband or wife?


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