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Our Loft Office…A Work In progress

I noticed this week that I’ve had a few  Pinterest re-pins of my Office Loft Polyvore Set.  We have the basics of the office done, based on this set.  Mid project, the baby came, so it was thrown by the wayside.  I had taken some before and after photos of what we had done in November and with the re-pins I thought it was time to put a post together.

Here’s what our office looked like before…  EEK!


There was a desperate need for: 

-storage for all of our textbooks, reading books, and magazines


-a place to sit and work on blog items, pay bills, and a work station for Chris

-a place to keep all of our photo albums and display pictures

-add color to the room and make it a cozy space


The Polyvore set was inspired from this Apartment Therapy post: (scroll half-way down the page)

2×4 + 2×2 EXPEDIT shelves on either side of a Parson’s desk

I love the stacked Expedit shelving and the clean look of the white desk.

My Polyvore version:

L's Loft Office

Visit my Polyvore here

As an aside…you’ll notice that there is a macbook included in the set.   They are so sophisticated looking.  I dream of all the things I could do with one.  With it’s slim profile and matte silver facing.  I’m drooling.  It’s more of a status thing, I suppose. I have no idea how to use a Mac and haven’t used an Apple operating system since the early 1990’s.  I’ll probably never own one of those coveted laptops, so let’s move on. (See what I did there, Chris?)


Before the baby came I hammered out painting the office in a day.  I only painted an accent wall, because doing the whole office would’ve made it too dark. I chose Behr in Mood Indigo.  Because Behr paint is so rich, the wall only needed one coat in most of the areas.  I might have done a light second coat for good measure.



Why is it that you see an idea on Pinterest or a blog, and just when you get really excited about it the measurements are too small for the project?  We measured, measured again, and I’m pretty sure we measured a third time. After many tries at finding something that would look similar enough to the Apartment Therapy idea, we finally worked out a combination of bookcases and desk we thought would work.  We settled on two 2×4 white EXPEDIT bookcases, knowing that we could buy the extra 2×2 to stack on top later, and the MICKE desk in white that would go between them. We headed to the Portland IKEA, tagging on to a work trip for Chris. Too bad we didn’t take into account the molding overhang on the ledge next to the stairs.  We got everything home, out of boxes, and put together, only to realize the furniture wouldn’t all fit together on the wall. It was too small by only a half of an inch!  FAIL!!!!


New plan…place the desk on the opposite wall of the bookcases, and eventually get a third bookcase.  I practically cried, but then got over it.

Here’s how it turned out…

office after




desk accessories
Red Lacquer Tray from West Elm (Last season), IKEA KVART desk lamp, IKEA blue vase, IKEA Letter organizer


office-desk with laptop

office-desk as sewing table
As a sewing and craft table

office-desk w laptop
As a workstation

The harsh reality is that this office is no longer going to function as a retreat for my blogging or reading.  It has started to become a multipurpose room for Chris to work in the evenings, a craft and Etsy shop room for me, and in the near future a playroom for Oscar.  I had to get over my glamorous visions for this room pretty quickly after he was born.  I’m really happy what we have so far though- a major improvement over the card table and plastic file bins.

It’s not done yet, so I’ll post more as it evolves over the next year or so.  My hopes are that we move the recliner down to our living room, purchase another white EXPEDIT bookcase and/or the 2×2 EXPEDIT to go over the top of the existing bookcases, lights for over them, a major piece of artwork for over the desk, a floor lamp, and some nicer magazine holders and file bins.  Next up would be to complete this little project- painting and recovering the folding chair. Oh Pinterest, is there anything you can’t do?

Recover and Paint a Folding Chair

There you have it, a work in progress. Any suggestions on large artwork? I’m thinking something that Oscar would enjoy looking at too!


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