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Elephant Pillows for little ones!

I still have a pillow that my great granny Adaline made for me when I was a baby.  It went everywhere with me when I was a kid (and as an adult- when I moved to college, and back home for a few weeks, and eventually to my new apartment with C).  It was what some parents call a “lovey”, along with my raggedy old wash cloth. I used to swing his little feet back and forth over my nose for comfort, or in more utility style, use him as a little prop when I was sleeping. God help us if he ever got lost!  He (even though it’s clearly a girl) has been repaired and re-stuffed many times and the fabric is practically see through now a days.


A while back I saw this cut n’ sew pattern, through Mama G on Pinterest, that is kind of like Ducky (Etsy Store: JuneCraft).  I never knew these existed, but it looks like my little Ducky is a cut n’ sew.  I took a closer look and he has little tick markings indicating where to cut the fabric.  How vintage!

Cut N’ Sew on Etsy
What I'm assuming are little tick markings from "cut and sew" pattern.
What I’m assuming are little tick markings from “cut and sew” pattern.

What a cute, easy idea to make a pillow for a little one!  Last year in preparation for O I found these little Elephant softy pillows on Etsy.  

elephant softies pattern by RetroMama on Etsy

Please see Retromama’s Etsy store for more softie patterns.

Not a “cut and sew” but the emailed pattern showed everything I needed to make the pillow.  It was a pretty easy evening project.  This was one I didn’t end up throwing across the room, so we know the pattern is a keeper!  I downloaded the pattern last November, and once I saw how easy it was to make Oscar’s, I ended up making two for some sweet little one year olds I know!

elephant pillows.m and t
For a personal touch, I embroidered little initials on the ears for the two kiddos. An M and a T

In my sewing class I’d worked from a pattern, but this was the first time I’d worked with one from the internet.  My hope was this little guy would become the stuffed animal to Oscar that Ducky was to me.  It’s a little early to tell if he loves it, but so far I love watching him on the monitor, or from his nursery room door secretly, flipping it around the crib by his tail.  Good thing the directions indicated to triple stitch that seam. =)

elephant pillow.oscar

I managed to take a few pictures of the process here:

elephant pattern
Ready to trace and cut the pattern
elephant pillows
Thomas fabric cut, Oscar’s completed
elephant sewing
Sewing halves of Thomas together
elephant pillow
Oscar’s ready to stuff!
elephant pre stuffed
Thomas ready to stuff. I loved the polka dot fabric (a fat quarter from Joanns) so I used some for Oscar’s mobile and pacifier clips)

Maybe next I’ll tackle one of these next.  It’s a FREE pattern!  Sea Turtle Softie

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What little “lovey” ideas have you tackled, or have on your to-do list?


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