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“Tactical” Daddy Diaper Bag

Diaper bags are one of the biggest necessities for baby.  Even at 10 months, I find myself stuffing it full of anything, and EVERYTHING, that I think he’ll need while we’re out. Before O was born I had a vision of a designer diaper bag that I would tote around on my shoulder.. Myself dressed in a flowy top, brightly colored skinny jeans, and some cute wedges, with my dearest baby in my arms. I needed a Timi and Leslie bag, so that I could look just like this mom.

Timi and Leslie Hannah

Truth is, most of the time I’m in my comfy-snug clothes with my hair up in a ponytail and zero makeup on.  Plus, I found out after becoming a mom that the Timi and Leslie diaper bag is more stylish than functional.  I have often ended up cursing at myself when trying to find things that I earlier stuffed into it.   Chris antagonizes me when we sometimes choose to use his diaper bag instead of mine when we go out.  It was a Fisher-Price backpack, and although not very cute, you could stuff almost anything in it. Seriously, the thing was $35 and for some reason remains much easier to find things in than mine.   Unfortunately, it hasn’t held up the greatest.  It started ripping at the seams of the bottle pocket, so Chris decided to spend some extra dollars he received from an Amazon return to purchase a new and improved Daddy Diaper Bag.

Enter the Condor Compact Assault Pack.  Who says you have to use it for a military mission?

Military assault gear bag or a diaper bag? You decide!

Chris described it as a “tactical bag”.  Until I looked it up on Amazon I had no idea that it was actually meant for hauling your machete knife, survival chain saw, and ammo around.  In addition, it comes in every color camo and desert tan.  Seriously, check out this screen shot of “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought”…tactical bag screen shot

In case the picture is too small that’s a  hydration bladder, big ass knife with included fire starter, mylar thermal blankets, nylon cord, and a deployment bag. Eek! Can I just say that I’m so glad Chris is not using it for this purpose? (And that he got black, not A-TACS camo.  Whatever the hell that is).  Actually, he did just inform me that it has a special compartment for a hydration bladdder, aka our camel-back.  And that he read people were also using the pocket for iPads or wallets, because of it’s safe location nearest the back.

This thing is seriously light as a feather and has the organizational skills of Martha Stewart.  Chris transferred almost everything he had in his other bag and even with everything we need it still looks and feels as it is empty.  It’s really compact, has 4 pockets and a bunch of loops and tethers to hold hand sanitizer, toys, Nuks (pacifiers), diapers, wipes, changing pad, bottles, formula, extra change of clothes, shoes, blankets, and whatever else you may need for your 2 hour adventure.   The price was right too. On Amazon it is currently $49.97 with free Prime shipping. Chris has purchased 2 diapers bags and still hasn’t met the price that mine was. *Hangs head in shame*

Here’s the dipey bag in action my friends…

Photo Jan 03, 6 54 47 PM

Photo Jan 03, 6 53 58 PM

Photo Jan 03, 6 47 30 PMPhoto Jan 03, 6 50 43 PM

Photo Jan 03, 6 49 56 PM

For all of you keeping score…Photo Jan 03, 7 23 11 PM

Rings, Hand sanitizer, Sunglasses, 3 pacifiers, 3 bottles, Burp cloth, Snack catcher, Three inno-baby snack containers, 2 Plum pouches with spoon, 2 Mum mums, Tommee tippee rubber bib, Small pack of wipes, Changing mat, 3 diapers, Small tubes of dipey rash cream, Dragonfly toy, Jacket, Football toy, Wetbag, Change of clothes

We’ve only used it a day or two, but I would definitely recommend this bag for any new dad!  Trust me, you will end up hauling everything except the kitchen sink around with you when you first become a parent.  This bag will get you where you need to go. =)

Any other Daddy Diaper Bag recommendations? I’d love to hear it!


4 thoughts on ““Tactical” Daddy Diaper Bag

  1. I’m with you Linds. Function over style on day to day. But us fashionistas would never go out shopping without at least a shee she tote over one shoulder. I love the O pictures. You need to send Ellen the broccoli video. I laughed out loud when I saw it. I love O and haven’t even seen him in person yet.

  2. My wife showed me a striped diaper bag that looked like a purse and asked me, “you wouldn’t feel weird carrying this around would you?”
    Umm..yes, yes I would. So I searched the web for alternative bags and saw this post. I put my order in this morning. Thanks for the detail description and photos. I’m excited for my bag to come in.

    1. Eddymphoto, You are so very welcome. Over a year later and the tactical bag is still going strong. My husband still loves it, and I even kind like it better for when we go to the zoo and I need two hands.

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