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Modern Vintage Hutch!

I’ve been looking for something to store our china, bar ware, and serving ware.  For the longest time all our fancy wedding gifts were in boxes in Oscar’s room, then the guest bedroom in under-the-bed storage boxes.

We don’t entertain very often, however when we were engaged I had high hopes of hosting cocktail parties and holiday dinners.  Growing up, my moms side of the family would always have formal holiday dinners and happy hours.  I remember dressing up in my fancy dress, delivering refilled beverages (hey, don’t judge), and putting out the appetizers. I’d stay up, listening to the grown ups laugh and chat, until I could barely keep my eyes open.    Fast forward to today… not so much entertaining happening in our neck of the woods.  You might remember two Christmases ago when we hosted Christmas dinner and got to use all my fine china and beautiful tableware.  You can check out the fanciness here.

In the town next door to ours there is a cheeky vintage home store called Persnickety’s Awesomeness Emporium.  The store owner, along with other local artisans, revamp vintage furniture using a modern flair.  I’ve been stalking her Facebook page for a while now, waiting for something to catch my eye.  So when this lovely lady got posted Oscar and I took a little stroll through the town.

Photo Mar 22, 11 57 01 AM
Persnickety’s Awesomeness Emporium

Isn’t she gorg? Mandi, the owner said it was a very sturdy piece that should be able to accommodate what I needed. (Mandi, if you’re reading this, I’ve already forgotten what kind of wood it is. =\) I brought a couple of my dinner plates with me so that I could see if they would fit in the drawer.  This piece is only about 21″ wide and 25″ tall.  It’s small but still fits two dinner plates side by side, with room to spare. The price was right, so I called Chris to help me come pick her up.

Photo Mar 22, 5 57 54 PM
Olive hard at work…
Photo Mar 22, 5 57 48 PM
Raffle tickets for price tags and “old fashioned” triple copy receipts. Love local business!
Photo Mar 22, 6 21 26 PM
Three drawers completely with pulls, flashy knobs and a pull out drawer on top.
When I checked out the inside of the drawers there was a random name written inside and a ink stamp that said, “Have Fun”.

I had no idea there was a gold finish on it until I got it home and into the natural light.  It brings a little bit of glam into the dining room. Oh gawd, now I’ll have to change the light fixtures…

Rustic red with gold wash
Rustic red with gold wash
Photo Apr 19, 12 13 21 PM
My mother-in-laws silverware chest and my DIY crystal vase with flowers!

The drawers were a bit musty, so I kept them open for a day or so and then used this tutorial for a DIY drawer freshener; using witch hazel, baking soda and essential oil, made into cakes.  The drawers were good as new in a couple of days.  Over the last few weeks, I’ve been slowly transferring things from upstairs to downstairs.  

 The top drawer is for our tablecloths, placemats, cloth napkins, and napkin rings.


The middle is for our servingware. 


And the bottom drawer holds the heavier china.  Not all the pieces fit, but at least the main pieces got crammed in there.

 I used my drawer liner tutorial that you saw for Oscar’s dresser drawers.  Paper Source came through again for the beautiful paper.  I couldn’t decide between two of them, so I chose to alternate between the three drawers.  It was more textured, so the contact paper didn’t stick as well. I love how the paper is bold yet feminine.  I’ll be the main person rooting around in the drawers, and this paper will give me a little pitter patter when I see it.  

Photo Mar 23, 5 46 36 PM
The Paper Source

Photo Mar 28, 2 27 34 PM


Photo Mar 28, 1 40 43 PM

All three drawers jazzed up!
All three drawers jazzed up!

The next order of business is to hang ledges above the hutch and dress them up with barware and some artwork.  I still need a place for all of our wine glasses and formal bar glasses, but that may have to come in the form of a different piece of furniture. 

I’ll post when I make the project all complete.   Hope you love the hutch as much as I do.  I’ve never purchased something that is truly vintage because I didn’t think it went with my decorating style.  This little gem fits in nicely, and the ledges should add a little bit of modernness that’ll connect it to the rest of the house.  

Ever bought a vintage piece? Tell me (or better yet, show me) about it!

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