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From formula container to glam vase! A Mommy craft day…

When Oscar was using formula we’d go through a canister a week.  We bought ours from Costco so they were a large round container.  I kept thinking it was such a waste to just toss them in the recycle bin.  I sifted through some Pins and found that a few others had the same idea.  One that struck me as neat was the DIY gem covered formula container, made into a vase.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the original source, only the picture.

Kirkland Formula upcycled into vase

I have a wonderful mommy group that I’m apart of so I created a Mommy Craft Day for us to try out some of our glue gun skills.  When they got here we ended up letting the kiddos play and we chatted for a while.  Eventually, and too late, we got to crafting.  Turns out 16-18 month olds don’t really have the patience past their nap time to wait for momma, despite us calling out, “We’re almost done baby”.   I chose a small pattern and then on the next row moved the start of it over 6 gems.  Another mommy placed all her gems vertically and another just started gluing them on however they came to her.  Creative randomness? Is that even a thing? Doesn’t matter, because each one turned out really great!

Photo Apr 19, 12 13 13 PM

I went to Jo Jo’s and picked out some flower bunches for 50-70% off.  I wanted to do fresh flowers, but I wasn’t sure how the inside of the container would hold up with water.  Good news is that artificial flowers are looking pretty dang good these days. I tried water and fresh flowers on a smaller Similac container and it ended up rusting a bit.  Though the outside of the canister looks metal it is just a metallic covered stiff cardboard.  I also tried painting Mod Podge on the inside to seal it, but it beaded up before drying.  Maybe some of you will have a suggestion on waterproofing the inside of a container like this??


One of the mamas used hers as a fancy sparkly bookend and monitor stand.  The gems give it the weight and the canister gives the height, making it perfect for that use.


I put mine with the flowers on our new hutch.  The pattern turned out totally random.

Photo Apr 19, 12 13 21 PM

Photo Apr 19, 12 13 40 PM


Any upcycled DIY projects on your mind?



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