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I’m Back! Complete with my Little Sewing Nook

Man, it’s been a long time.  11 months since I’ve done a post.  I’m sure I wasn’t missed, as I have approx 3 followers.  A lot has changed since I was away.  My husband got a new job so we up and moved to Denver.  Our gorgeous condo I was working so hard to spiff up?  Yeah, we sold it. Downsized too! Went from a 1,756 square foot condo to a not-so-luxurious 950 square foot apartment.

I’d say we are a wee bit cramped.  This has meant getting creative with storage solutions.  The last time that Chris and I lived in that small of a space was before we were married and with no children.  A very busy two year old cooped up in a tiny apartment has us sometimes wanting to pull our hair out.  Luckily, Colorado has some pretty fabulous open spaces, loads of parks, and plentiful sunshine.

The other thing I’ve been up to is creating for my sister-in-laws Etsy Shop Green Rock Creations.  She makes handmade burp cloths from cloth diapers and I’ve been making pacifier clips (and anything else I can come up with).  Because I no longer have the loft as my sewing space I’ve been setting up shop in the dining room/kitchen.  There have been many nights that my poor husband and son have had no place to eat because I was in the middle of a project.

This is why I’m so very grateful that they bought me a sewing desk for my birthday. You can imagine that when I asked for it, including that we’d also have to move other furniture around, Chris was more than happy to run out to IKEA that very day. We created the nook for about $120.

IKEA Micke Desk $89.99

Pegboard $5.78

Spray Paint $3.98

Various hooks, baskets, and dowels $20

My little sewing nook!
My little sewing nook! Pictures of my favorite family, my thread catcher, and sewing mat.

This part of the apartment can be rather dark, so I use one of our extra lamps to give me a little extra task lighting if I’m working at night time.  This nook is right next to Oscar’s bedroom but so far it hasn’t been a problem to work while he’s sleeping.

Photo Mar 30, 9 24 16 PM

In our old apartment we were very anti drilling anything into the wall, however with this place we pretty much said “Screw it” as I’ve got to remain sane. If screwing things into the wall means saving our sanity then by all means HANG IT ALL!!

Photo Mar 30, 9 19 52 PM
My TO-DO list clip board and some cheery artwork to keep me smiling!
Photo Mar 30, 9 20 35 PM
Pegboard with my ribbon, notions, cutting tools, and quilt rulers. I plan on adding a thread rack in the space.
Photo Mar 30, 9 23 20 PM
Quick access to sewing machine tools, pacifier clips, and Jamberry album sheets.
Photo Mar 30, 9 22 00 PM
Everything in its place- and labeled!

I tried to have everything in a little container, organized so its easy to find.  I used leftover labels that I got on sale at the container store.  Find them here

I still have to find a solution to put away my hoard of fabric, and finished products.  Those are currently in giant rubbermaids and I’ve tried to squeeze them next to the desk.

So….what do you think?

I’M BACK!!! =)

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