Jokkmokk table and 4 chairs

Fun to say AND functional!

As I was wiping the yogurt smears and residue off our kitchen table yesterday it occurred to me that we’ve had this little gem for about 9 years.  And it’s still available at IKEA.  Currently on sale for $129, but I believe it was $99 when we bought it.

IKEA JOKKMOKK Table and 4 Chairs

We purchased it shortly after moving into our first apartment together.  At that time it was the perfect fit for our little place and has followed us to each home since.  In our Washington condo it fit really well in our breakfast nook and was always the perfect place to sit on a Friday morning to drink coffee and blog.  After we had Oscar it quickly became the local feeding spot.  We hooked up his high chair to one of the tables chairs and away we went with baby food adventures.    In our tiny Colorado apartment its been a bit of a catch-all table.  It started out as a kitchen table, then a sewing table, and now its back to Oscar’s daily yogurt eating station.  He’s not in a high chair anymore so its rather prone to getting foodie fingerprints all over it.

Always been a napping spot for the kittens.
sewing ironing board cover above
My original sewing spot in our condo
Pumpking carving workshop
kids table
“Kiddie” table for Christmas dinner 2012
Photo Aug 08, 1 28 03 PM
Tucked in the Denver apartment, freshly cleaned of yogi-ness.

But its held up wonderfully.  Its still sturdy as the day we bought it and is super easy to wipe down.  It is natural pine and we’ve never added a finish to it.  My go to cleaner is Sprayway window cleaner and every once in a while I’ll follow up with Pledge.

Photo Aug 08, 11 51 53 AM

While “researching” for this post, I came across some beautiful IKEA hacks for this table. We are getting ready to move, so it’s possible in the new place I may consider doing something like this. Although, we may need to wait until Oscar is more in control with his eating. Right now the table works great as is, but I certainly have some new ideas.

A Mommy’s Life with a Touch of Yellow- Jokkmokk table makeover

Simple stain and paint seems to give this table a whole new look!  I love the stain color above and the color she is able to use throughout the rest of the dining area.

Courtesy of Ikeahackers.net

IKEA furniture has an old reputation of being disposable furniture, but this piece has really surprised us.  For a basic kitchen table it has been amazing for our little family.  I can see us keeping this table for many more years- using it as an art table, an office desk, crafting table, or continuing to use it as our breakfast nook spot.

What pieces have you had forever?


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