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I Heart Paper Source

Last Thursday I took some time to myself to just walk around the local outdoor mall.  I even dined at a hot spot for lunch at the breakfast bar, with someone else I didn’t know (gasp!). It was totally awkward but the french toast was worth it.

Our local outdoor shopping center has a Paper Source.  It’s a store I have been in love with for many years.  If you can remember I purchased the paper for Oscars drawer liners there (seen in this post).   When we got married I also purchased rehearsal dinner invitations and stamps there.  It’s a wonderful store to peruse if you have some time.  I always find unique gifts there and nonsensical things that I believe I need.


While I was perusing, I came across some hilarious greeting cards I thought I’d share. Although in going through them I must  have naughty brain because they almost all contain the same swear word. Oh well, sh*t happens, right?

Photo Oct 01, 11 54 19 AM

Nothing says “Happy Marriage” like the card above.  Bring a little reality to the situation by informing the happy couple what they just did.  =)

Photo Oct 01, 11 56 02 AM

A nod to my port home of Seattle.  Not sure that shitload is the technical term but the lovely little containers say thank you all over them so it’s gotta be ok.  Photo Oct 01, 11 56 25 AM

No way, 29 again!!!! That’s fantastic!

Photo Oct 01, 11 57 05 AM

I mean come on….it’s Kanye!  Me thinks, no explanation needed.

Photo Oct 01, 11 57 27 AM

Sounds like something my two year old would say or think.

All dry humor aside, they do have some wonderful gifts at Paper Source.  Things I wish I would’ve seen two years ago.

Photo Oct 01, 12 00 18 PM

This book has a hard page for each month where you can paste of photo of your little one.  It also has a removable card with fun info you can fill out about the milestones during that month.

Photo Oct 01, 12 01 55 PM

I thought this was especially cool.  I wanted to buy it but wasn’t sure if O was too old. He wouldn’t appreciate it as a young adult, but I’m sure as an adult with children of his own he would appreciate meaningful words from his parents.  I think Chris and I would both love to know true, spur of the moment thoughts from our parents, even if it was about nothing in particular.

I bought a darling felt garland for our mantle also.

Paper Source

And I loved their DIY kits for Thanksgiving place cards.  If only I could have a super duper groupy turkey day.  Paper Source would be my go to.

Paper Source

Check out for a complete line of paper, stationary, gifts, and decor items.  

Tell me, where is a store you could get lost in for a few hours?  A day?



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