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Holiday Wrapping Station/Basket

Every year it seems I wrestle my rubber made or fabric tote full of wrapping paper, tissue paper, bags, and tags.  Over the last year this has proven even more true because we moved twice and spent last Christmas in what felt like a box.

This weekend I started wrapping gifts.  I gracefully placed all the bags, tags, and tissue paper on our coffee table- that is after I cleared it of trucks, cars and O’s artwork.  I laid all the rolls out neatly next to each other on the floor.   This morning my toddler came through and started stepping all over the rolls and threatened to pick them up and use them as golf clubs.  Screaming inside I tried to look for a solution.

A-ha!   What about the rattan laundry basket that came with all the vintage Tonka trucks that O got from Chris’ coworker recently??   It was slightly damaged but nothing a little gorilla glue couldn’t fix.

If you look at the left corner of the basket you’ll see that I worked a little gorilla glue magic with a C clamp.

It’s a great height to hold rolls of wrapping paper without having it tip over.  I was able to fit about 9 rolls of paper in with plenty of room to spare.  

On the outside of the basket I used extra IKEA Grundtal S-hooks to hold different size bags. They hooked right into the sides of the basket.  Only bad thing, I have to kind of hike up the longer bags handles so they won’t drag on the floor. grundtal-s-hook__19774_pe081016_s4


Bags all hung by the basket with care…


In our townhouse bathroom I did a project where I cut up an over the door shoe hangers and used 3M strips to affix them to the inside of bathroom cabinets.  I haven’t used them in our new place yet so I dug them out and used clothespins to hang them on this basket.  I stuffed them with tape, scissors, gift tags, gift card tins, and ribbon.   


On the other side tissue paper was inserted into the slots.  Because each pocket is clear I can easily see what color tissue paper I have.


Now all my gift wrapping items are in one place and I won’t have to worry about a toddler (or husband, or cat, or ahem…myself) smashing the rolls, wrinkling the paper, or unraveling the silver tinsel ribbon.   I may need accessory baskets to hold ribbon as I get more of it, and I’d love to somehow put wheels on the bottom so it can be moved easier, however this will definitely get me along for this Christmas season.  


So there you have it, and impromptu wrapping paper reorganization. Makes my heart happy.  

How do you organize your wrap?

One thought on “Holiday Wrapping Station/Basket

  1. What a great idea! This weekend I, too, wrestled with my Rubbermaid (?) only to shove it all back in the way I found it for next year. All of my tissue paper is wrinkled and my wrapping paper is creased. I must try this!

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