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Christmas Eve Table

This Christmas Eve my in-laws were in town with my niece and nephew. Because their family is also from here we decided to host Christmas Eve night.  Our townhouse is not the most spacious so a sit-down dinner wasn’t the best idea.  However, I’m always up for the chance to get out my wedding presents.

Here’s a glance at how we decorated for the evening.

We set up the dining room table with all the food and our vintage red hutch with beverages.


We used a black dressy tablecloth and my silver  Crate and Barrel table runner.  My mother in law helped with a suggestion of using our cake plate and putting our led candles on top. For a little detail we wrapped the candles with gift ribbon.  I had extra holly berries from a wreath I made years ago that I placed among the candles. *The candles are from IKEA and are battery operated LED candles.  Perfect for using around kids and food!

Crate and Barrel- cake plate

IKEA Stopen LED block candle set: : IKEA STOPEN LED block candle

Chilewich Dahlia placemat:  Chilewich Dahlia Placemat


IKEA STOPEN LED Candle Set of 3

For a napkin holder we put two jeweled tealight holders together like bookend holders.


These cute snowmen paper food tags are a great way to display what food you have to offer.   I got them at Joann’s in the holiday section.  Who doesn’t love brie?


The paper plates and napkins also came from Joann’s. I liked them this year because I felt like they had a little rustic, or slightly vintage, feel.  I also love the saying on it since we were having two sets of families over for the holiday festivities.  And without knowing it, the black and gray matched perfectly with the tablecloth and runner.

Snow Is Falling

WINTER is here

the PEACE in our HEARTS

draws FRIENDS near. 


We set up the beverages on the red hutch in the breakfast nook.  

Red wine bottles


Red and White wine glasses

Champagne Glasses

Wine opener

Ice bucket for chilling Prosecco

Wine charms


LAMARCA Prosecco. Place in ice bucket to keep chilled while waiting to pour.IMG_7900

And always, the sign of a good party…


Prepping for a party can be very stressful.  This year I made a list of all the food and drinks we’d plan to have.  Also a list of decor items we needed and where everything would go.  This helped to ease the stress a little and made the setup process a little quicker.


Merry Christmas from O, myself, and family! IMG_7915


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