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DIY Christmas wreath

Twas’ the weekend after Christmas…

The Inspired Domesticity house is buzzing with post-holiday joy right about now. A house full of family. Kiddos with new toys.  And me, wondering where this December went.  I never did get a chance to post about all the projects I completed for holiday decor.  One that I thought I’d show ya is the winter wreath I made for our front door.  Most of the year I have our twine wrapped “T” with felt flowers hung on the front door.  For Christmas I like to switch it out for something more festive. You may remember (but probably not because it was ages ago) the post that I did about pine decorated wreath. Click on the photo to see the original post. 

Festive wreath for our front door
Festive wreath for our front door

Somewhere with our two moves this little gem got lost, and I decided it was time for something new anyway.  There are many talented handmade goods artisans where we live in Colorado, so I thought about purchasing a wreath from them.  I looked at the ones that were posted on the local Facebook pages and decided I would take a gander at Joann’s to see if  A. I could make it cheaper and B. if it was worth my time and effort to do so.   

Guess what?  It was cheaper to make. I’ll take you through the supplies I used and the felt flower tutorials I found to help me.  


Red River Vine 18″ Grapevine wreath- Joann’s for $5.49 (but I’m sure it was on sale at the time, or I had a coupon)

Eco-felt sheets- Joann’s for about 50 cents a sheet

FloraCraft Wired Burlap Ribbon- Joann’s for about $5.00. 

Hot glue gun and glue sticks. 

Turns out I’m going slightly rustic with this one.  I love the simplicity of it and how it could really be used well into winter- not just Christmas. 






The biggest step was making the felt flowers.  I used Pinterest to find some really good tutorials on making them.  Here they are.  Click on the photo to go to the pin.  

Felt Mum tutorial
Felt Dahlia’s



Swirly felt flower tutorial

I cut out felt flowers in the color scheme I had for this holiday season and decided to keep it relatively simple with just a few flowers.  I placed them offset, or between 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock on the wreath.  They were adhered with a bit of hot glue, enough to secure them to the nooks and crannies of the grapevine.   winterwreathcloseup

I had an extra bit of gold glitter holly left in my crafting box from the first wreath I made years ago, so I added it for a little flair.  To hang, I cut a length of wired burlap ribbon, wrapped it under the top of the wreath, tied a knot and hot glued the ends. 

There you have it. What a great tutorial huh?  (Rolls eyes because she really thinks it’s lame, but loves her wreath) 



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