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Inspired Patio-our second townhome patio

Here I sit, on an early March day, with my afternoon coffee (and maybe a couple of chocolate chip cookies but don’t tell my Xtend Barre challengers that), on my newly decked out patio. It’s partly cloudy but 66 degrees; just about perfect.  As many of you know we moved into a townhouse last October, our second townhouse since we’ve lived together.  This time we’re renting but have a wonderful patio in the front of our house.  I’ve been waiting all fall and winter to put together a plan for it, and with the help of my beloved Pinterest I finally got it together.

On one of our bi-monthly trips to IKEA we happened to pass the same little patio set we’ve considered a hundreds times before.  Much like our Tullero set that I refinished (see that popular post here) the Askholmen table and chairs is only $119.  It’s on the smaller side but fits our family of three and patio well.  I figured now that we’re not in the wet Northwest climate that the set might last a little longer.  It has a basic sealer on it but since I refinished the Tullero set with little problem, I could probably do that for this set as well.


I like the somewhat rustic look and the way it looks with the brick walls next to it.  C and I have always looked at higher end patio sets but haven’t been able to justify spending $500+ on one and something that expensive has never been in our budget.

So….. that’s one half of the patio.  But there was a big ol space on the other side just begging to be worked over.

Cue Pinterest ideas:

A pallet table, a cushioned bench, and lights.

Via: Place of My Taste, Home Depot, Be Happy Be Me

Just a note that I’m sparing you the lengthy tutorial on how to make these and encourage you to visit their blogs (My Place of Taste and Be Happy Be Me)

Pallet Table on Casters

I posted on Nextdoor and our local Facebook neighborhood group asking if anyone had pallets.  I was given over 6 resources for some and ended up picking up three FREE pallets in two days!  Luckily they fit in the back of the Kia and I definitely got a two a day arm workout from barre and carrying these mega things down the sidewalk to our patio.


Next steps were to pick out paint and grab some castera for the bottom.  I loved the bold lime green in Place of My Tastes table but wanted it to coordinate with the umbrella that we already have and the throw pillows that I made.

Cinder Block Bench

With C’s help we put together this cinder block bench in just an afternoon.  Paint dries here in Colorado very quickly so it didn’t take that long to get it done.  All it took was 8 cinder blocks, 3 4×4’s cut down to about 7 feet each, some paint and cushions.  The bench itself was only about $58 (including paint).  The three thick seat cushions were about $90.  

Step 6: Insert thick cushions and admire your work on a 70 degree February day! 

Now we have a wonderful spot to enjoy our coffee on a Saturday morning and meet the neighbors as they walk by.  In fact, while we were sawing and drilling we met two of our next door neighbors because they were so curious about what we were doing.

I still have a plan for hanging the patio lights but may need to score more of them to string over to the iron fence.  (And probably check with the HOA that that’s kosher).  Got these lovelies on clearance last fall at Target.


All Finished!


I made all except one throw pillow, from outdoor fabric found at Joanns.  Used my 50% coupon for the fabric and inserts- a great deal when each pillow at Target ranges from $9-$33.  And I experimented with places them randomly, or cleanly next to each other.  What do you think- which do you like best?


What’s on deck? I’ve got ideas for a tabletop fire pit, herb pots, a pallet flower pot hanger, a pallet gardening shelf, and pallet bbq tool shelf.   I expect to get lots of use out of the patio this spring and summer- as long as the snow stays away and the summer thunderstorms don’t threaten to kill me. 

Left: Place of my Taste; Center Top to Bottom: 1001 Pallets, The Blue Eyed Dove, Fancy Frugal Life; Right: Unknown

What’s your patio style?  Share with me below!  




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