Inspired– adj. Aroused, animated, imbued with the spirit to do something, by or as if supernatural or divine influence.

Domesticity– n. The state of being domestic; domestic or home life.

My inspiration for all things crafting, eating, and home decor related has been exploding in the last few months, mainly by my recent blog stalking and Pinterest addiction. My world has been opened up to the vast projects I could complete for our condo and all the delicious meals I could prepare. It’s led me to create this blog because I needed something more than just Facebook to post my creations that come from said stalking and addiction.

I’m not a housewife, but sometimes I wish I were.  When I’m not being a “Pinny girl”  as my bestie’s mother affectionately calls me, and full-time dental hygienist,  I am a mom to O and cats Xerox and Ditto and designer for my sister in law’s Etsy store. It used to be that on my Friday mornings off I was known to settle in with a Diet Coke and my laptop in the kitchen, where I would peer out into our neighborhood and catch any action that pay pass by.  Since he was born, my days are now filled with chasing him around the house, collecting trucks and toys as he goes along. I’m now a two cup of coffee a day gal and most weekend days need a nap by 1pm. Every once in a while, I cut out some time to fill these pages.

All the tools for internet surfing: sun, laptop, diet coke, and headphones!

I'm Inspired...

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