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Lifestyle Challenge Ready!

Well, maybe… For the last three months I have been taking barre classes at my local Xtend Barre studio.  I found it on a Groupon and started going about 3 times a week.  I knew about barre classes from my Auntie and thought this would be a great way to start doing something for me.… Continue reading Lifestyle Challenge Ready!

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Onion Goggles are the way to go! (Mexican Meatball Soup Reblog)

I thought I was being all creative in wanting to blog about my Mexican Meatball Soup. That is until I searched my existing posts and realized that I blogged about this delicious meal over three years ago.  Guess that means it’s a favorite, right?  (Or I’m just getting really dull in my posts). In fact,… Continue reading Onion Goggles are the way to go! (Mexican Meatball Soup Reblog)

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It’s Finally Fall- And Time for Soup!

We are used to Northwest fall weather- crisp mornings, rainy mid-Octobers, and beautiful oranges, reds, and yellows.  So far in Denver this fall the weather has been sunny, warm (upper 70’s to mid 80’s), and generally brown with hints of yellow.  I miss home….terribly. Photo graciously provided by CPT This week has just started to… Continue reading It’s Finally Fall- And Time for Soup!

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Weekend Recap

Thinking I could have a baby any time, here’s how this weekend went down… Friday: Doctors appointment.  Despite my cramping this week, my OB says all is well and that it could be a day (which has passed) or another week or more before my little love bug makes his appearance.  We’ll see her again on Thursday,… Continue reading Weekend Recap

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Christmas Day recap!

There went the holidays! In the blink of an eye they were over and done with. I can’t quite believe it’s January 4th already! This year Chris and I hosted a gaggle of people at our house for Christmas day! And then a few days later there were more people in the house getting ready… Continue reading Christmas Day recap!

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Mexican Meatball Soup with with Corn Muffins

Yesterday was the first day that it really felt like fall here in Seattle. It was overcast most of the day and today started out that way, but it burned off by the afternoon. Even though it turned out to be a nice day, I had planned on making this super yummy Mexican Meatball Soup… Continue reading Mexican Meatball Soup with with Corn Muffins

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A mix of summer and fall for dinner…

It’s September 1st and I’m craving comfort food.  Or maybe it’s the baby craving it. What’s that? You missed that my lovely husband and I are having a little one come February?  Hooray!  This means blog posts about nursery design and baby gear are sure to follow.  I’m now a few weeks into my second… Continue reading A mix of summer and fall for dinner…