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Wine and Ladybugs!

It’s true. I’m a wino.  Not in the drunken-cluster-of-a-person sense, but in the I heart having a glass of wine each evening as a way to wind down after a hectic day sense.   (EG-I know you feel me). I love reds and cool, crisp, dry whites on a hot day.  Temperanillos, Malbecs, Torrontes, Riojas,… Continue reading Wine and Ladybugs!

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I Heart Paper Source

Last Thursday I took some time to myself to just walk around the local outdoor mall.  I even dined at a hot spot for lunch at the breakfast bar, with someone else I didn’t know (gasp!). It was totally awkward but the french toast was worth it. Our local outdoor shopping center has a Paper… Continue reading I Heart Paper Source

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I can make a designer handbag, right?

As long as I’ve worked I’ve always wanted to buy a designer handbag for myself.   I could’ve pulled the trigger many times with holiday bonuses or Nordstrom gift cards but, for some reason, never have.  Most likely it’s Chris’ frugality wearing off on me. Since we’ve been together I’ve become increasingly frugal. My how things change.… Continue reading I can make a designer handbag, right?

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From formula container to glam vase! A Mommy craft day…

When Oscar was using formula we’d go through a canister a week.  We bought ours from Costco so they were a large round container.  I kept thinking it was such a waste to just toss them in the recycle bin.  I sifted through some Pins and found that a few others had the same idea.… Continue reading From formula container to glam vase! A Mommy craft day…