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Lifestyle Challenge Ready!

Well, maybe… For the last three months I have been taking barre classes at my local Xtend Barre studio.  I found it on a Groupon and started going about 3 times a week.  I knew about barre classes from my Auntie and thought this would be a great way to start doing something for me.… Continue reading Lifestyle Challenge Ready!

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Man and Wife

AKA: Why I’m still a sucky gift giver! Another holiday celebrated by spouses has come.  Today is Valentine’s Day.  The one day a year that you have to express your undying love for someone (or ones).  Boyfriends get to surprise their girlfriends with roses and chocolate, as girlfriends secretly hope for a diamond ring.  Kiddos… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Gifts for Man and Wife

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“Tactical” Daddy Diaper Bag

Diaper bags are one of the biggest necessities for baby.  Even at 10 months, I find myself stuffing it full of anything, and EVERYTHING, that I think he’ll need while we’re out. Before O was born I had a vision of a designer diaper bag that I would tote around on my shoulder.. Myself dressed… Continue reading “Tactical” Daddy Diaper Bag

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Anniversary Gifts for Man and Wife

Gift giving in our household has always been a bit of a stresser for me.  It seems like the celebrations always sneak up on me and then I’m scrambling to put something meaningful together.  I always feel like Chris puts together the best gifts, even if he does say they are really random.  This year… Continue reading Anniversary Gifts for Man and Wife

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Our first Citrus Lane box is here!

Oh the anticipation!  I remember reading the blog Self Professed Product Obsessed last year and she mentioned Birch Box, a monthly beauty product subscription box you get in the mail, filled with all sorts of beauty goodies.  Then, when I was pregnant with Oscar I saw Citrus Lane somewhere, either on Pinterest or the internet.  For… Continue reading Our first Citrus Lane box is here!