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Our Christmas Stockings

Growing up I always had a special stocking that was handmade by someone in my family and had my baby picture on it. It was way too small to actually put things in, but from what I can remember,my family weren’t always big stocking loaders-uppers.  The last few years we’ve had your basic santa-coat-colored-stockings (white… Continue reading Our Christmas Stockings

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Drop Cloth Christmas Tree Skirt

I’ve been wanting a new Christmas tree skirt since we got our 10 foot pre-lit tree from my mother in law 6 years ago.  Every year, and especially since Pinterest, I surf the web for tree skirt tutorials.  Most I’ve either disliked or couldn’t make a decision on fabric.  Several were too small or so… Continue reading Drop Cloth Christmas Tree Skirt

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I can make a designer handbag, right?

As long as I’ve worked I’ve always wanted to buy a designer handbag for myself.   I could’ve pulled the trigger many times with holiday bonuses or Nordstrom gift cards but, for some reason, never have.  Most likely it’s Chris’ frugality wearing off on me. Since we’ve been together I’ve become increasingly frugal. My how things change.… Continue reading I can make a designer handbag, right?

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I’m Back! Complete with my Little Sewing Nook

Man, it’s been a long time.  11 months since I’ve done a post.  I’m sure I wasn’t missed, as I have approx 3 followers.  A lot has changed since I was away.  My husband got a new job so we up and moved to Denver.  Our gorgeous condo I was working so hard to spiff… Continue reading I’m Back! Complete with my Little Sewing Nook

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My Itsy-Bitsy Spider!

Normally, we do absolutely nothing for Halloween.  Strike that. We get zero trick-or-treaters, but we buy candy anyway.  We buy pumpkins and don’t carve them. This year, things are a “little” different.  We have a kid.  Which means all holidays are to be celebrated.  This year for Halloween we thought we might dress up Oscar… Continue reading My Itsy-Bitsy Spider!

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Weekend Recap

Thinking I could have a baby any time, here’s how this weekend went down… Friday: Doctors appointment.  Despite my cramping this week, my OB says all is well and that it could be a day (which has passed) or another week or more before my little love bug makes his appearance.  We’ll see her again on Thursday,… Continue reading Weekend Recap