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Our Christmas Stockings

Growing up I always had a special stocking that was handmade by someone in my family and had my baby picture on it. It was way too small to actually put things in, but from what I can remember,my family weren’t always big stocking loaders-uppers.  The last few years we’ve had your basic santa-coat-colored-stockings (white… Continue reading Our Christmas Stockings

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Drop Cloth Christmas Tree Skirt

I’ve been wanting a new Christmas tree skirt since we got our 10 foot pre-lit tree from my mother in law 6 years ago.  Every year, and especially since Pinterest, I surf the web for tree skirt tutorials.  Most I’ve either disliked or couldn’t make a decision on fabric.  Several were too small or so… Continue reading Drop Cloth Christmas Tree Skirt

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Holiday Wrapping Station/Basket

Every year it seems I wrestle my rubber made or fabric tote full of wrapping paper, tissue paper, bags, and tags.  Over the last year this has proven even more true because we moved twice and spent last Christmas in what felt like a box. This weekend I started wrapping gifts.  I gracefully placed all… Continue reading Holiday Wrapping Station/Basket

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Onion Goggles are the way to go! (Mexican Meatball Soup Reblog)

I thought I was being all creative in wanting to blog about my Mexican Meatball Soup. That is until I searched my existing posts and realized that I blogged about this delicious meal over three years ago.  Guess that means it’s a favorite, right?  (Or I’m just getting really dull in my posts). In fact,… Continue reading Onion Goggles are the way to go! (Mexican Meatball Soup Reblog)

I live to eat

It’s Finally Fall- And Time for Soup!

We are used to Northwest fall weather- crisp mornings, rainy mid-Octobers, and beautiful oranges, reds, and yellows.  So far in Denver this fall the weather has been sunny, warm (upper 70’s to mid 80’s), and generally brown with hints of yellow.  I miss home….terribly. Photo graciously provided by CPT This week has just started to… Continue reading It’s Finally Fall- And Time for Soup!

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I Heart Paper Source

Last Thursday I took some time to myself to just walk around the local outdoor mall.  I even dined at a hot spot for lunch at the breakfast bar, with someone else I didn’t know (gasp!). It was totally awkward but the french toast was worth it. Our local outdoor shopping center has a Paper… Continue reading I Heart Paper Source