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Wonder in Seeing a “Look-Alike”

I’m adopted. On day two of my life my parents took me home from the hospital. I was pre-ordered, so to speak. My parents had only a couple of weeks to get ready for me. They had been working with an attorney in Oregon when they found out that I would be available for adoption as a newborn. I don’t think of it very often. To me, my parents are my parents. I’ve never known anything else, and wouldn’t really want to. They gave me never-ending love; raised and guided me to be the woman I am today.

I was an only child, never had any siblings, and never met any of my biological family.

The point of revealing this part of my life is that because with the arrival of my little man, it’s quite amazing to me that I now have someone who looks like me…Who is a genuine part of me. When O first came to this world he looked so much like Chris that it became almost disappointing (ahem-kidding of course). Everyone would say, “Oh, he just looks so much like his daddy.” I would think to myself, “Really?? Come on now, I did have a little something to do with this”. =)

Today I had O outside on the patio table in his bouncer while I was eating lunch and I was struck by how much he looked like one of my baby pictures. I recalled one I’d seen several times and knew there were similarities. Later this afternoon I rifled through some photos and found the ones I was looking for. They most closely resemble O now, compared with me at a few weeks and 3 months old.

Left- O (present day), Right- Me (circa 1983)
Ok, so not exactly alike but something about his eyes and sad face. It was the sunlight affecting our retinas. =)

It just makes my heart go pitter patter to know I have something that is a living version of me. It’s really special!

For Chris, I think it’s really heartwarming for him to see that he has a “mini-me” , who is now connected through blood to another little one, our niece. Their baby pictures look very similiar as well.

Chubby cheeks!
OC and CJ around the same age

Genetics are pretty amazing aren’t they?


2 thoughts on “Wonder in Seeing a “Look-Alike”

  1. I especially see you in the brow line, hair line and around the jaw. The cheeks and eyes look like Chris. I would say O is a delightful mix of his parents.

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