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“Tactical” Daddy Diaper Bag

Diaper bags are one of the biggest necessities for baby.  Even at 10 months, I find myself stuffing it full of anything, and EVERYTHING, that I think he’ll need while we’re out. Before O was born I had a vision of a designer diaper bag that I would tote around on my shoulder.. Myself dressed… Continue reading “Tactical” Daddy Diaper Bag

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My Itsy-Bitsy Spider!

Normally, we do absolutely nothing for Halloween.  Strike that. We get zero trick-or-treaters, but we buy candy anyway.  We buy pumpkins and don’t carve them. This year, things are a “little” different.  We have a kid.  Which means all holidays are to be celebrated.  This year for Halloween we thought we might dress up Oscar… Continue reading My Itsy-Bitsy Spider!

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Dressing Baby at a Discount

Chris and I came from mothers who dressed us in good quality clothing!   Places like Nordstrom and Stride-Rite.  My mother always brags about how I used to “model” for Nordstrom.  Let’s not go overboard, it was really just a 10 minute kids fashion show…in the store…when I was like six.  I, of course, thought… Continue reading Dressing Baby at a Discount

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Baby T’s Nursery Reveal

Just over 2 weeks to go and the final touches are being put on the nursery… Wow, I started this post back in January and I never quite finished it.  I posted on a link on Inspired Domesticity’s Facebook to the Project Nursery post I did (see the Project Nursery post here), but have been… Continue reading Baby T’s Nursery Reveal

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Our first Citrus Lane box is here!

Oh the anticipation!  I remember reading the blog Self Professed Product Obsessed last year and she mentioned Birch Box, a monthly beauty product subscription box you get in the mail, filled with all sorts of beauty goodies.  Then, when I was pregnant with Oscar I saw Citrus Lane somewhere, either on Pinterest or the internet.  For… Continue reading Our first Citrus Lane box is here!